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Find everything you need whilst travelling around with your little one, from compact strollers, baby carriers, changing bags and products perfect for holidays, there's lots to explore.
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    Make sure to properly support your baby's head and neck when picking them up by sliding one hand under their head and neck and the other hand under their bottom. Protect your back by bending your knees and then scoop up your little one and bring them close to your chest while straightening your legs. When using a baby carrier, ensure that your baby has safe and comfortable support for their spine, head, and airways. Remember to hold your baby high and snug on your body with their face visible. Their hips should be positioned in an 'M' shape from their bottom to their knees to ensure hip-healthy positioning.

    As tempting as it may be to switch your child to forward-facing in R44 seats, child safety experts strongly advise against it. Our top recommendation is to keep your little rider rear-facing for as long as possible, ideally up to four years old. While i-Size guidelines recommend a minimum of 15 months of rear-facing travel, experts often suggest going even longer for added safety. Keep your little one secure and protected on the road!

    A travel system is a smart choice for parents who don't want to wake their baby when on the move. Simply click the infant seat onto the pushchair and no need to move them from the carrier. Plus, you'll have extra luggage space, eliminating the need to bring the carrycot every time. Enjoy the convenience of letting your baby sleep undisturbed in the car seat or carrycot while on the move. Our travel systems offer a brilliant upgrade from a regular stroller and give yourself and your baby the freedom to travel comfortably.

    When you first have a baby, there are so many products that you may need. Sometimes you are left wondering if everything you have bought is essential. At Natural Baby Shower, we recommend that you put the following in your changing bag:

    1) Bottles of milk if you are not directly breastfeeding - ready-made cartons are much easier and more convenient when out and about
    2) Breast pads
    3) At least one muslin - versatile and essential for winding your baby
    4) Foldable changing mat - this won’t take up much room in the bag but means you can pretty much change a nappy anywhere
    5) Nappies, wipes and nappy sacks
    6) Nappy Care accessories - nappy rash can cause lots of pain, so protection is key
    7) A change of clothes
    8) A dummy or soother if they have one - you never know when it might just help settle them!

    If you want to learn more about what to pack inside your baby changing bag, check out this blog.

    Travelling with a little one can be tricky, but with the right age and a little planning, it can be smooth sailing. While most airlines require infants to be at least two weeks old, some allow seven-day old babies on board. Always check directly with the airline for their booking policy. For those looking to travel during a less fussy stage, the sweet spot is typically between three to seven months of age.

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