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Top Picks for Baby Carriers in Autumn and Winter

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As summer bids farewell and autumn and winter take their turn, parents everywhere are gearing up to keep their little ones close as they take on brisk winds and the bitterly cold chills. While the scorching sun may no longer be a concern, babywearing remains an essential way to bond with your baby while staying active.

First things first, what is babywearing?

Babywearing is the practice of carrying your child in a specially designed carrier or sling close to your body. These carriers are crafted to help distribute your baby's weight evenly, ensuring optimal comfort for both you and your little one.

When you babywear, your baby is nestled snugly against your chest or back, providing them with the warmth of your body. This close physical contact creates a bonding experience for all parents, offering them an opportunity to connect with their infants on a deeper, emotional level.

Prioritise safety and comfort

Now that we've covered what babywearing entails, let's delve into some handy tips for safely and comfortably using a baby carrier during colder weather.

Choose the right carry position: Opt for front or inward-facing carries during cooler months to provide added warmth and protection for your baby.

Bundle up: A rule of thumb is to dress your baby as warm as you’re dressed.

Tip: Just remember that you want your baby to be warm but not overheat. The carrier and your body are extra sources of heat, so you don’t want to dress your baby in too many warm layers. But light layers can be a good thing if you’ll be going from outside to inside because you can take layers off as needed.

Protect from the elements: Shield your baby from cold winds, rain, or snow by using carrier covers or hoods.

Keep an eye on baby: Regularly check your baby's temperature by feeling their neck or chest – they should be comfortably warm, not too hot or too cold.

Stay dry and warm: Dress yourself warmly and consider wearing a babywearing coat or jacket to keep both you and your little one snug. Discover innovative and practical maternity coats + jackets from Wombat & Co - just perfect for colder months!

Now, let's explore some top baby carriers from trusted brands like Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, BeSafe and Thule Sapling - perfect for the autumn and winter seasons:

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier is a versatile choice for chilly days. Designed with a 3D air mesh panel, it offers excellent breathability while keeping your baby cosy. Plus, the good news is that it's machine washable for easy clean-up. You won't need an extra infant insert either as the carrier easily adjusts from newborn to toddler (3.2-15kg). With four comfortable carrying positions and a UPF 50+ baby hood for sun protection, it's ideal for longer hikes or winter strolls.

Plus, you can add the All Weather Cover to ensure full protection. This has been designed for baby carriers, with a hood and adjustable foot protection, and can be easily attached to our Ergobaby carrier (except Aerloom and Embrace) with loops and poppers.

The All Weather Covers also fit other carriers available in the market.

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BabyBjorn One Air Baby Carrier

The BabyBjorn One Air Carrier is a winter favourite. Crafted from airy 3D mesh fabric, it keeps you and your baby comfortably warm without overheating. It offers a gentle and ergonomic way to keep your baby close, promoting the crucial bond between parent and child right from the start.

This robust carrier is designed for use from infancy to three years of age. It features a waist belt and cushioned shoulder straps, which alleviate strain on your back and shoulders, ensuring a comfortable experience whilst carrying little one throughout their early years.

Plus, the soft, lightweight material is perfect for active parents, and its quick-drying properties are ideal for snowy adventures.

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BeSafe Haven Baby Carrier

The BeSafe Haven Baby Carrier is an ideal companion for your baby all season round and suitable for little ones aged 0-12 months. This carrier places a strong emphasis on both ergonomics and comfort, guaranteeing a snug and safe experience for your child. Crafted from sustainable, gentle, and long-lasting materials, it provides reliability while also being environmentally friendly, making it a double win!

Designed with busy parents in mind, this infant carrier places equal importance on your well-being and your baby's. It incorporates various features aimed at improving your baby's posture and aiding their development, ensuring they stay comfortable and supported while you're on the move.

Let your little one enjoy the flexible, adjustable head support which cradles their head until they can hold it up on their own, making it a fantastic choice for any outings or while attending to those household jobs.

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Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

Attention all outdoorsy parents, we have something for you. The Thule Sapling Child Carrier Backpack is ideal for those who just can't say no to an outdoor adventure in colder weather. This practical child and infant carrier offers ample storage space for winter gear and has a fleece-lined compartment to keep your baby warm. The carrier also offers an ergonomic design and excellent leg support for your little explorer.

Thule Sapling Child Carrier Backpack at Natural Baby Shower

And for those moments when the heavens open, keep your little one and your gear extra dry and protected with the Thule Sapling Rain Cover (available separately). Just pack it along, and you'll be ready for whatever the weather throws your way!

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And there you have it! We trust you've found the ideal baby carrier, whether it's for those snug autumn outings or multitasking on-the-go at home. As the summer sun takes a bow, remember that the beauty of babywearing knows no season or title – it's for parents, cool aunts and uncles, and anyone else who fancies a close cuddle with little one.