Comfortable footwear to keep tiny toes toasty and dry during the cold seasons and super cute Sandals for the summertime. We have a varied selection of adorable styles made from luxurious natural fabrics, from brands such as Salt-Water, Bobux, Old Soles and BINIBAMBA.
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    Footwear FAQs

    Give your little one's developing feet room to breathe and grow by opting for barefoot as much as possible in the early stages of development. Each stage of your child's foot development has unique requirements that should be met when choosing footwear. Check out these helpful tips for selecting the perfect shoe for each stage.

    Pre-Walkers: Barefoot is best for this stage, except for protection from the cold. Look for lightweight and flexible shoes with minimal structure.

    First Walkers: As your child takes their first steps, choose shoes that provide light support and allow for easy movement. Look for shoes that are soft, lightweight, and have a flexible sole.

    Toddlers: At this stage, choose shoes that offer good support and stability like Bobux, with a reinforced toe box to protect little toes. Look for shoes with a non-slip sole for added safety during playtime.

    By selecting the right shoes for each stage, you can support your child's healthy foot development and ensure they stay comfortable and protected.

    For the littlest of babies (under 6 months), barefoot is best but if feet get chilly, non-slip socks or booties will do. When they start walking, you'll want shoes made of soft, flexible leather with roomy toes, breathable materials, and adjustable fastenings. Non-slip soles are a must to keep your baby steady on their feet. Avoid stiff shoes and opt for lightweight and flexible options. Keep those little feet happy and healthy with the perfect shoes.

    Getting your child’s feet measured in-store by a trained fitter is a great way to make sure you’ve got the correct shoes size for their growing feet.

    Around the age little ones start to walk, their feet can begin to grow very quickly- potentially up to two whole sizes in a year! So regular sizing checks are important as they get older. Check that your child’s shoes fit properly every one to 3 months up to the age of 3 years, every 4 months between 3 and 5 years and every 6 months for children aged over 5.

    Non-slip socks and booties are the perfect choice for your newborn's feet but only to keep them from getting chiily. Make sure to keep an eye on the fit as regular washing can shrink them, and your baby's feet will outgrow them quickly. During warm weather, outdoor surfaces become a great playground for your little one. When your newborn is still developing, encourage bare feet to strengthen their balance and coordination. Only use shoes to keep their feet warm in cold weather.

    Children's feet grow an average of two sizes per year during their first four years of life? That's why it's important to regularly check their shoes every eight weeks to ensure a proper fit. Keep in mind that every child grows at their own unique pace. Don't let poorly fitting shoes slow down your little one's growth and development.