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5 tips for pregnant travellers

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Whether you are planning a short UK staycation or thinking of venturing further afield, travelling whilst pregnant may seem a world away from the stress-free, pre-bump trips you are used to. Between having to visit a toilet every hour or making a beeline for the best spot to rest tired ankles, it is always a good idea to take time and consider a new routine that your pregnant self may need to follow. 

At Natural Baby Shower, we have gathered a few helpful tips so you can feel relaxed when planning your next adventure…

BeSafe Car Seatbelt pregnancy


Getting travel insurance is already somewhat of a no-brainer, especially for holidays abroad, however, make sure to check prior to your trip that you have selected an appropriate policy which will also cover your pregnancy.

In the event you require health care or simply for peace of mind, it is also wise to make a note of the nearest doctor or hospital at your planned destination. For non-emergency care within England and Scotland you can call the NHS free on 111. If travelling overseas, do some research on the country’s official health care website or speak with a travel agent for more details.

In the likely event you will have a travel companion at your side, it is always a good idea to share contact details with your nearest and dearest. It will be reassuring to know you are able to contact the right person about anything such as delays, cancellations etc. 

Lastly, remember to keep a digital and physical record of your insurer’s details in several locations, such as a bag, pocket, or suitcase in the event you lose any luggage whilst travelling.


Check with your GP

Over 28 weeks pregnant? 

If you have passed this stage of your pregnancy, you will need to obtain a letter from your midwife or GP to fly, although we recommend you sort this sooner and have it handy in time for travel. Some airlines provide standard letters for your doctor to fill out however if not, make sure the letter outlines your due date and confirms not only that your pregnancy is healthy but that you are fit to fly.

You may also need to provide a note from your doctor explaining what medication you are taking and why. Check with your travel agent if you are not sure if this will be required as it varies from country to country.

Pack sensibly and comfortably

As your baby continues to grow, you’ll be surprised how quickly your bump can ‘pop’. Therefore, if you are planning to travel for more than a few weeks, it would be wise to pack comfortable and stretchy clothes that will accommodate growing tummies. If you are one of the lucky ones and plan to visit somewhere hot, maternity swimwear will often adapt to your size but for all other garments make sure to check they leave a little room.

Comfortable footwear will be a major saviour, especially during your dates of travel. If you are planning to walk - what feels like miles - from one terminal to another, be sure to wear a flat, supported style of shoe. The Salt Water women’s sandals are a terrific all-round holiday shoe, featuring adjustable straps across the foot for a universal fit, these sandals are also 100% waterproof and thereby ideal in both wet and dry terrain. 

Tummy support tools are also a great relief for on-the-go mums and from a safety perspective, there are some great options to comfortably protect your baby. If you are specifically planning to travel by car, pregnancy seatbelts help to position the lap belt correctly without obstructing the basic safety performance of a 3-point harness. The BeSafe Pregnancy belt Izi -fix also features a strong yet soft padding which helps to protect your little one. 

However, if you’re looking for added bump-stability when travelling, the Lola&Lykke core relief pregnancy support belt eases pressure on your back, pelvis, and bladder. Features dual support straps and a hot/cold pack that fits neatly in the back pocket to give you extra support so that you can enjoy a pain-free pregnancy. 

Finally, who said packing for comfort doesn’t mean you can’t pack light?
The Babymoov Mum & B maternity cushion offers an ultra-comfortable and compact maternity pillow, small enough to transport around with you.

Schedule pregnancy-friendly activities

In the past, your ideal holiday may have appeared quite adventurous; however, for expectant mothers, there are certain activities you should avoid. As a general rule of thumb, aim for light-hearted exercise and minimise physical activities, including contact sports.

Less strenuous exercise is in fact encouraged by health care professionals, so be sure to find out what activities you like the look of, and then pack accordingly. If you’re looking to purchase some fashionable activewear, our mama clothing collection offers perfectly designed outfits for active mums and mums-to-be who want to feel supported but non-constricted when exercising.


Take time to put your feet up – literally!

Travelling from one destination to another is tiring; add growing a baby to that list and all of sudden you can find yourself wanting to nod off at any given interval.  Ensuring you get enough sleep will be invaluable to keeping as fresh and energised as possible for the days ahead plus, putting your feet up will - quite literally - be a saving grace if you are prone to swelling in your ankles and feet.

If you feel the urge to rest, even nap, try not to worry that others around you are full of energy. If there is any time in your life to be selfish, it’s throughout your months of pregnancy. It’s common to feel like you could miss out on the fun but trust that following the arrival of your little one, there will be a surplus of excitement to compensate for these quieter days.

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