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Discover high quality and organic nursery interior accessories to add comfort, character and charm to your little one's nursery. Nursery accessories include cushions, mobiles, storage baskets, nursery lights and more.
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    Nursery Interiors FAQs

    Add some life to your nursery with colourful prints and framed pictures! Not only will these brighten up the room, but they'll also aid in your baby's development by providing captivating contrasts and colours. A warm and inviting atmosphere also helps your little ones feel safe and secure. Come visit our Surrey store and explore our stunning nursery showrooms upstairs, showcasing all the essentials you need for a cosy and charming space.

    Ideally, your baby’s nursery should be set up a few weeks prior to your due date - you never know if they’ll decide to make an early appearance! Despite the limitless design options, a cot/crib, bedding and a changing table are the top three necessities for a nursery. A peaceful, safe, and comfortable sleeping area is also important for your new arrival. We recommend you choose a sleep space that will grow with your little one and be appropriate till they are three or older, like our range of adjustable cribs and cot beds. Aim to get your mattress at the same time as your cot to guarantee a tight and safe fit. Aside from this, keep in mind that most models aren't pre-assembled, so give delivery and set up extra time. To begin, you'll need washable mattress protectors and a fitted sheet with elastics and lastly create a special area where you may change your child that is well-organised with new nappies, wipes, creams, and sleeping bags.

    Night lights are great for 2 things! They really help set the 'mood' and aid the transition between day and night. This is something toddlers often find quite difficult, especially if bathtime is quite active in your house! Stepping out of the bath and into a calm room with dim, warm lighting (such as a nightlight) can trigger the body to start to slow the pace down. Night lights are also great for toddlers and preschoolers with a genuine fear of the dark, and they may benefit from having the light on its lowest setting for the duration of the night. This helps them feel reassured when waking in the night, realising they are safe and in a familiar environment, and hopefully falling back to sleep easily without waking you.

    Try using a dresser as a changing table or floating shelves to add a stylish touch while providing additional storage. Wall hooks and bookshelves are also fantastic solutions for maximising your space. Stick to neutral paint colours for a calming atmosphere and consider the room layout when placing furniture. Multipurpose pieces are a must-have for small nurseries, and a compact crib will save you precious space. Alternatively, you can ditch the traditional changing table and opt for smart storage solutions. Head over to our Instagram for inspiration on other nursery set-ups and soon you'll be able to create an organised and functional space for your little one without sacrificing style!

    Make your nursery a safe haven for your little one! Cover all electrical outlets with safety covers and position cribs and furniture away from windows. Keep cords from blinds and draperies out of reach and opt for cordless window treatments. Ensure your baby sleeps soundly on a firm mattress, placed on their back, rather than a soft surface like a waterbed, sofa, soft mattress or pillow. Keep powder products out of reach, and always be cautious when using secondhand furniture, as it may be missing parts or have been recalled.