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Discover our collection of thermometers and humidifiers so you can monitor baby's room atmosphere to ensure the healthiest airflow and the best temperature to keep them comfortable and safe.
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    Thermometers | Humidifiers FAQs

    Baby thermometers can be quite accurate, but their accuracy can vary depending on the type and how they are used. Here’s a breakdown of common types and their accuracy:

    1. Rectal Thermometers: Generally considered the most accurate for babies. They provide a very precise core body temperature.
    2. Oral Thermometers: Accurate for older children who can hold the thermometer under their tongue properly, but less so for babies.
    3. Ear Thermometers: Can be accurate if positioned correctly in the ear canal, but readings can be affected by earwax or improper placement.
    4. Forehead Thermometers: Non-invasive and easy to use. They are fairly accurate but can be influenced by external factors like sweat or air temperature.
    5. Axillary (Underarm) Thermometers: Less accurate than rectal or ear thermometers, but useful for quick screenings. They can be off by a degree or more.

    For the best accuracy, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and ensure the thermometer is used in the recommended manner. Regularly calibrating or checking the thermometer's accuracy can also help ensure reliable readings.