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Are you on the hunt for a complete and reliable pushchair travel system? Our collection features world-renowned brands including Bugaboo, Silver Cross and CYBEX, each with a unique pushchair travel system that allows you to find the perfect pram, car seat and accessory pack for all your needs. If you can’t decide which pushchair travel system is right for you, our customer service team are happy to help you decide!
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    Travel Systems FAQs

    A travel system is a versatile stroller frame designed to accommodate various components like a seat unit, carrycot, and car seat. This means you can effortlessly switch between the three setups depending on your baby's needs. Compared to a typical stroller, a travel system allows you to keep your little one sleeping comfortably in the car seat or carrycot even when you're on the move. Plus, these car seat-stroller combinations cater to your child's travel requirements from infancy to toddlerhood. Make your life easier as a parent with a smart and adaptable travel system.

    When it comes to a travel system, you can expect to use it until your child between 3-4 years old depending on the component i.e. a carrycot is only suitable for babies under 6 months. However, the lifespan of your travel system as a whole will depend on various factors, including the brand, quality, and how well you maintain it. Choosing a high-quality travel system can ensure it lasts longer and can be used with your future children. By investing in a durable travel system, you can enjoy the benefits of one purchase that will last from the early newborn stages to toddlerhood.

    Investing in a travel system means choosing a suitable car seat for your newborn, either Group 0 (birth to 11 months) or Group 0+ (birth to 15 months). Car seats are categorized by age groups, with the main ranges being from birth, 9-12 months, and 4 years. Consider both the stage and weight of the car seat when choosing one that can be used on the pushchair chassis. Make the safest and most convenient choice for your little one's travels.

    When it comes to buying a travel system, there a few things to consider such as when should you buy one, how much do you want to spend and what one is right for you and your baby? To find out the latter, think about some of the important features that you would want your travel system to have, including:

    1) Does it need to be forward & rear facing?
    2) Do you need a one-handed or fast-fold?
    3) Do you need swivel wheels?
    4) How big should the shopping basket be?
    5) How big is your car boot? Some pushchairs can be quite bulky when folded so you need to take the wheels off to get it in a car. 6) What car seat would you like and is it compatible with or without adapters on your travel system?

    Lots of parents choose to opt for travel system as it offers many benefits for a growing family. Some of these include:

    1) Multi-functional i.e. carrycots can often be used as safe sleeping bassinets and car seats for using in the car
    2) Baby can remain undisturbed when travelling – When you click the infant seat onto the pushchair you remove the need to move them from the infant carrier
    3) Travel systems are more ergonomic – utlimately better for you than to carry baby in a car seat, especially when they are older of course! 4) Reduces the need to make multiple purchases as you can buy everything at once 5) More economical with many travel systems available to purchase in bundle options and offers