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Keeping your baby's nursery and other items clean can be a priority in any home. This Health & Hygiene collection covers all items to help make sure that from cribs to bottles and other accessories, your little one is surrounded by only the best. Whether you're looking for wipes or sanitizing spray, we have plenty of options available with natural formulas gently keeping things neat and tidy.
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    Health | Hygiene FAQs

    Your child’s nursery should be kept clean, as children are more susceptible to germs and illnesses than adults. A clean environment will help to prevent the spread of diseases.

    You should deep clean your nursery at least once a week, dusting and wiping all windows, windowsills, tables, and surfaces to get rid of dust and germs. You should also regularly hoover or sweep regularly, especially if your little one sits on the floor to play. Use your common sense and clean your nursery as much as you feel you need to. If your house is more prone to dust, then you will need to clean
    more often. If you can see messes and dirt on the sides and floor, then clean
    as you go.

    Young babies are unable to regulate their own temperature, therefore it’s important to monitor the temperature of their room. A thermometer in your baby’s nursery will help you to ensure their sleeping environment is safe and comfortable for them, and it will also help you to dress them appropriately for bed throughout the year.

    It can be beneficial to put a humidifier in your baby’s room, as it can help to reduce
    irritation in your child’s nasal passages to help them breathe easier. A humidifier in your baby’s nursery can help create a soothing, calming and more peaceful environment for your little one.

    Yes, in general, it’s okay to leave a humidifier on all night in your baby’s nursery.
    Just make sure that you are monitoring the humidity of the room, and it doesn’t
    become too damp.

    It’s important to make sure that your baby’s bath is at a safe and comfortable
    temperature. It helps to use a bath thermometer to make sure the water is just

    An ideal temperature is between 37°C and 38°C, and about 36°C for a newborn.