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Baby sleeping bag in Merino and organic cotton - ideal for keeping the cold at bay, beautifully soft and warm without being bulky. Baby sleeping bags can also be used in the warmer months, making them a perfect year-round product. Shop popular brands Merino Kids, aden + anais, Little, Green Sheep, Snuz, MORI and more. Choose from duvet, standard or winter weight for the perfect night's sleep.
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    Sleeping Bags FAQs

    You can use a baby sleeping bag from birth. Sleeping bags often have a lower weight limit, usually around 8-9lbs (4kgs) so depending on your baby’s size they can be used from birth.

    This one completely depends on the temperature or season. Although you can buy different TOG's, you will still need to adjust the clothing your baby wears underneath – in very hot weather, they might just wear a nappy or short-sleeved bodysuit, whilst in colder weather, they might need a bodysuit and sleepsuit.

    TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, commonly used in the textile industry (quilts, duvets, and comforters). It indicates the degree of warmth you should expect from your sleeping bag. The higher the TOG, the warmer the garment.

    Finding the right sleeping bag to keep your little one safe and comfortable is essential for helping them (and you!) get a good nights sleep. We recommend the arm holes being snug enough so your baby cannot get their hands inside the bag and keeping the neck hole small enough so that your baby’s head cannot slip down inside the bag but should be a comfortable size.

    Sleeping bags for smaller babies have additional poppers to help the bag fit. When you have a little mover on your hands we recommend looking at sleeping bags with feet. These sleeping bags convert from a sleeping bag to a suit with legs using zippers - perfect for getting them ready for bed but still letting them move around before it’s time for sleep. By picking a sleeping bag designed for your little ones age it will help give you peace of mind.

    We recommend having one to wear and one to wash and also having different sleeping bags for the seasons. In the chilly winter you will want a sleeping bag with a
    higher tog rating, where as in the warmer summer you can opt for a lower tog to keep your baby’s temperature regulated

    Yes, baby sleeping bags are safe. When fitted well, baby sleeping bags are safe and can even help to reduce the risk of SIDS as they prevent your little one from wriggling underneath their bedding.