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Travelling with kids can be a difficult experience for parents, finding the Travel Car Seats or Travel Cot so that they are comfortable can make all the difference. That's why our Travel Seats/Cots are essential for your time away. Designed specifically to provide your little ones with a comfortable sleeping sanctuary when you're on the go, these travel cots/car seats combine portability and convenience in one. Lightweight and effortless to unfold and reassemble, they let you create a perfect spot for them to relax wherever you may be.
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    Travel Seats | Cots FAQs

    There are many travel cots that are super easy and quick to put up, making sleeping away from home with a baby easier than ever. Some travel cots from brands like Baby Bjorn and Bugaboo can easily be set up in one simple movement but make sure to check the product instructions for your exact travel cot assembling instructions.

    Most travel cots can be used from newborn stage, but some do require a newborn bassinet in them to use from birth. How long you can use the travel cot for does vary between brands, but most can be used until two three years of age. If you aren't sure, you can check the product description of your specific brand of travel cot.

    Safety is super important to every parent, so travel cots are designed with safety in mind. To ensure that your travel cot is safe, make sure you follow the instructions properly so it is set up securely.

    Travel cots are designed to be used with their original mattresses, so avoid swapping the mattress for another one. Travel cot mattresses are often harder but do not add softer materials such as a blanket over the top of the mattress as you risk your baby overheating or being injured while they're sleeping.