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What to pack inside your baby changing bag

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There is so much to remember as a parent, and getting out the door with your baby and everything they might need is no easy feat. You have to be prepared for everything and anything, especially when it comes to your little one's toilet tendencies. Don’t worry, in this handy checklist we are going to go over what to pack in your baby changing bag.

Choosing a changing bag

Now this may not come as a surprise, but before we get into what to pack in your changing bag, you are going to need a durable, stylish and organised baby changing bag.  

Every parent is different, and preferences will vary, but a good changing bag will need to be spacious, sturdy, lightweight, contain many pockets and pouches for organisation and it must be comfortable to wear. There are plenty of style options and designs to choose from, here are a couple that we love:

The Finnson Selby Eco Changing Tote comes with its own changing mat and is designed to grow with you and adapt to your needs. It is durable, comfortable and very well organised inside and out with a variety of pockets and pouches for your every need. Made from 100% recycled PET Polyester, both the interior and exterior are water resistant and wipe clean. We would highly recommend this gorgeous changing bag for stylish mums looking for a bag they can use both for themselves and their babies!

Finnson Selby Eco Changing Tote

If a backpack is more your style, check out the Babymel Georgi ECO Changing Backpack – Navy Stripe. This more affordable, lightweight and environmentally friendly changing bag comes with a washable changing mat, can be worn in a variety of ways and can also be clipped onto your stroller. It has 7 internal/external pockets for organisation and a wipe clean lining.

Changing mat

If you’ve got your changing bag, the first thing you’re going to need is a portable changing mat. Having your own compact changing pad will mean that you can change your baby safely and comfortably wherever you roam. Some bags will come with a mat included, but if yours doesn’t or you are looking for a spare mat, let’s look at a couple of options:

One great option would be the Avery Row Travel Changing Mat in Wild Chamomile. This changing mat is ideal for keeping your little one comfortable and cost while changing on the go. Ready to use from birth, this travel changing mat is super practical and stylish, with a waterproof lining for easy cleaning.

We would also highly recommend our range of Mama Shack Travel Mats, we have a range of beautiful designs and colours to choose from such as the Lottie Ditsy Floral Print. These gorgeous mats are made to make baby changing on the go simple, easy and mess-free! With no fiddly zips or compartments, this mat is made from a thicker foam layer than your average travel mat to make your baby more comfortable and protected when changing.

Clean nappies

Now of course you’re going to need to pack some clean nappies – a pair and a spare! At Natural Baby Shower, we love to promote cloth nappies as a more sustainable (and stylish) option for parents.

Cloth nappies are soft and simple to use. Our All-In-One Nappy range get the job done in one piece, with everything built-in, no need for extras. These nappies are so convenient, much more sustainable – and much better value for money than regular nappies as there’s no need to throw them away – just wash and reuse again and again.

We love the Modern Cloth Nappies Pearl Pocket Nappy – Spring Awakening, designed with four rows of adjustable snaps, you can adjust the waist and height of the nappy to get the perfect fit as your baby grows. Inside, there is a super-soft micro-fleece lining to absorb the moisture super-fast – allowing your little one’s gentle skin to remain dry and keep them comfortable. (It also looks adorable!)

Modern Cloth Nappies Pearl Pocket Nappy - Spring Awakening

Discover our full range of innovative, comfortable and reusable nappies.

Muslin cloths

A muslin cloth is the ultimate baby essential to keep in your changing bag, as it has so many uses and purposes. A muslin cloth can be used for swaddling, mopping up, shielding from the elements, a bib, or a makeshift changing mat.
We recommend you keep one or two muslin cloths handy in your changing bag, so you’re prepared for anything. Here are a couple we love:

The aden + anais Organic Cotton Muslin Squares – 3 Pack – Safari Dreams are 100% cotton muslins that are perfectly sized for life on the go. The breathable and absorbent fabric means that it can be used as a security blanket, makeshift bib, burp cloth – and be used for mopping up changing accidents!

Another great option would be the Avery Row Organic Baby Muslin Squares – 3 Pack – Riverbank. These must-have muslins are super soft and luxurious crafted with organic cotton, making them gentle, yet strong enough to tackle any challenge. With an infinite number of uses, we can guarantee that these muslins make the perfect addition to your changing bag.

Avery Row Organic Baby Muslin Squares

A toy or comforter

If you want a fuss-free and fast changing experience, try packing a toy or comforter that your baby loves to keep them distracted while you get the job done.

There is no need to bring your whole toy box, but just choose something small that will fit neatly in your bag and won’t make it too heavy. Not only will it help to keep your baby occupied but will also add that little bit of comfort if they get upset. At NBS, we have a fantastic range of toys that will do the job.

Change of clothes

Accidents happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Pack a spare change of clothes for your baby in your changing bag to make up for accidents, spillages, or any other unexpected event that might require a change of clothes (you’d be surprised how many there are!).

Shop clothing.

Baby wipes

There should still be some room in your changing bag for a couple more bits.

Fragrance-free baby wipes are a must-have, and we recommend using reusable bamboo wipes instead of the disposable ones, which not only saves you money, but the planet too!

Bring a washable nappy bag for your dirty nappies and dirty baby wipes to go in. Stick them in for a wash when you get home so they are ready for your next outing.

Don't forget about you!

As a parent, you are always putting your little one before yourself, and it can be hard to remember to look after you sometimes. When packing a bag to go out make sure you remember to bring food and drink for you to keep you going - it’s exhausting being a parent, so water and snacks are essential!

Feeding supplies

If you’re heading out, don’t forget to be prepared and pack some feeding supplies, depending on which feeding method you’re using. If you’re breastfeeding, you won’t need to bring an awful lot, other than breast pads to avoid leaking, and if you are concerned about privacy when breastfeeding in public, you could pack a breastfeeding scarf or cover.

If your baby is bottle fed, you will need to be prepared with enough formula for however long you’re going to be out and about. You could look at getting a thermal bottle compartment to pop in your bag so you know your formula is the right temperature.

If you’re little one is already on their weaning journey, we have a range of lunch bags, snack pots and water bottles, perfect for food on the go.

So, without this sounding like a game of ‘in my suitcase I have packed…’ let’s go through the final checklist of what to pack in your baby changing bag:

  1. Get the right bag
  2. Changing mats
  3. Nappies
  4. Muslin cloths
  5. Toy or comforter
  6. Clean clothes
  7. Baby wipes
  8. Feeding supplies

We hope this helps and makes you feel prepared for anything next time you and your family are out and about. Your little one (and their toilet habits) can be pretty unpredictable, by packing a tidy and organised changing bag, you can make sure to expect the unexpected.

To start packing, shop our full baby changing range.