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Add some pushchair/stroller accessories to your stroller to give it that personal touch. From parasols, to seat liners, footmuffs and cup holders, we’ve got a whole range of handy pushchair/stroller accessories designed to make life as a parent that much easier.
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    Pushchair accessories FAQs

    There are plenty of stroller accessories you can buy for your pushchair to kit it out and make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions. From parasols, rain covers, footmuffs, cup holders and snack trays, personalise your pushchair with a range of accessories to suit your lifestyle and keep your little one warm, dry and comfortable all year round.

    You can also purchase a variety of adapters so you can fit carrycots and seats to your pushchair and adapt it as your baby grows. For modern mums and dads, there are also phone and cup holders to attach onto your pushchairs so you can grab a coffee on your morning stroll.

    Yes, there will be specific stroller accessories available for every pushchair, and many accessories will be universal or compatible with different styles and brands of pushchair.

    When browsing accessories, make sure to check their compatibility with your pushchair on the product page.

    Many pushchairs won’t come with carrycots, adapters, parasols and rain covers so make sure to check what comes in the box when ordering your pushchair so you know which accessories you will need to order separately.

    A footmuff is a cosy sleeping bag that you can install on your pushchair to keep your baby snug as a bug during the winter months. There are many brands, colours and styles to choose from.

    Most stroller footmuffs will be lined with fleece on the inside and made with water-resistant materials on the outside to protect your baby from all elements including snow and rain.

    One of the most important pushchair accessories to have is a rain cover ready for your pushchair so you can take your little one for walks all year round and know they are protected. Babies are far more sensitive to weather and temperature changes than adults are, so you need to make sure to regulate their temperature and keep them comfortable to avoid them getting sick.

    A parasol for your pushchair is really useful stroller accessory to have so you can go out in the heat of summer and know that your baby won’t be at risk of burning, sunstroke or overheating. It’s super important to keep your baby shaded and cool in the summer as they are more susceptible to harmful UV's.

    Even with a parasol, you should remember to use an SPF for your little one, a sunhat and sunglasses.