Sustainability at NBS

We want to help parents bring up a baby with a carbon footprint as small as their own tiny feet.

Taking responsibility

Our mission is to provide natural and sustainably sourced baby products that are the very best for parents and babies as well as the planet, all in one place. But it's not just sustainable products we focus on, we also make sure that we operate in the most eco-friendly way to help the planet as best as we can.

Reducing waste

As part of our promise to deliver the best service we can, we also vow to reduce our waste. From reducing our use of paper with innovative technology to avoiding single use plastics, we also implement energy saving practices. All our packaging is sustainable and recyclable and we use only the essential amount with no space waste inside boxes.

Eco initiatives

We focus on our green shipping options to avoid part-shipping, working collaboratively with brands that support our mission, giving back to charities and no price competing. We also focus on the future, it is our aim to continue to work with our suppliers, delivery operators and internal team to create a supply chain that is as planet friendly as possible and carry on making improvements with our eco initiatives.

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