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Explore our range of handy and stylish compact strollers – perfect for parents who are always on the go or have limited storage space. We have a variety of brands and styles including the BABYZEN YOYO2, and other compact strollers that are approved for airline use. If you’re heading off on holiday or on a road trip, shop our range of compact strollers for the perfect travel companion!
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    Compact Stroller FAQs

    You will need to make sure your car seat is compatible with your compact stroller and vice versa you may need car seat adapters. Do note that not all infant car seats fit on a stroller. If you intend to use a car seat always do your research to check compatibility or buy a travel system pushchair already bundled together. Remember, it is not recommended to keep a baby in the car seat for prolonged periods of time.

    This one is really one for your little one to decide. It may be good to test out both to see which one your child prefers. Parent facing can help develop a bond - especially in their early years - as they can see you and you can see them. Forward-facing let's your child see the world around them and can keep them entertained. Luckily, you rarely have to choose between them these days as many strollers have reversable seat units so you can do a mix of both.

    All prams, pushchairs and strollers should have a safety label to show that they comply with the relevant British Standards of safety requirements and test methods for wheeled child conveyances - BS EN 1888: 2012 or BS EN 1888: 2003. Every pushchair we stock meets these standards.

    This totally depends on the model however most compact strollers require little to no assembly. Often they are pre-assembled straight out of the box or require minimal additions such as wheel installation.

    Pushchairs are adaptable and can accommodate newborns and older infants and will often having carrycot and seat unit options. These give parents the a full solution and can be used for many years. A stroller refers to the lightweight and compact frames and chassis designed for travelling, with the ability to fold into a small skeleton for on-the-go storag

    Many brands advertise their strollers from birth, as they have lie-flat seats. However, some seat units are not completely flat so you may feel they’re not suitable for your newborn or baby, so it’s best to check to see exactly how flat the seat unit is and if you’d like to use it from birth. It’s worth remembering that buying a compatible carrycot will offer the ideal lie-flat position for babies.

    First time heading abroad as a family? It may seem stressful but it doesn’t have to be! Many of our compact travel pushchairs can be used as cabin luggage on board a plane to help you travel with ease but make sure to check with your airline before travelling. If you don’t have a cabin-sized approved stroller you can also use your pram until you get to the steps of the aircraft, just make sure to tag it when checking in.

    Buying a pushchair is a big decision for any family and we want to help support you at such an important time of your lives. Each and every pushchair is unique to every parent to be and their needs, whether it is tackling a busy city life or trekking through the countryside on your daily adventures we have a range of award-winning pushchairs to provide you with confidence and we only stock the brands we love and trust. We understand the importance of choosing the right pushchair for your lifestyle so take a look at our Pushchairs buying guide to help you with your decision: