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About Trustpilot...

Who are Trustpilot and why?

Trustpilot are a feedback service used by companies that care about honesty, integrity and doing the best that they can for their customers. Perfect that's us!

How do I leave feedback?

You'll recieve the feedback request via email within 5-7 days after dispatch of your order. If you live in a different country, then the delay can be up to 28 days, to allow for the delivery. If you haven't been contacted after 4 weeks, please let us know at

You will then be asked to rate the supplier for service and on many occasions, the product or products you purchased. We give you the option to score for 'Excellent', 'Great', 'Average', 'Poor' or 'Bad'. We then allow you to provide additional comments in a comment box where we encourage you to write more information that will be useful to us. Praise us if our service and / or product has satisfied you or exceeded satisfaction. Tell us if we did not reach satisfactory levels, and why - so we can learn from this and provide a better service.

How long does it take to leave feedback?

It can take as little as 15 seconds to leave feedback. Have a go!

How can we guarantee all the feedback is from genuine customers?

Following a sale, we inform Trustpilot of the order data. This data contains the person's name, their email address, what they bought and when. It is because of this data that Trustpilot knows who to invite to leave feedback. The data is not used again. This guarantees that all feedback left is genuine.

Do I have to answer the Trustpilot feedback emails?

Of course not! We are delighted if you do so, and believe that your comments will be useful both to other customers and to us.

Can I opt out of Trustpilot emails?

At the bottom of every email we send we offer an opportunity to opt out. You can use the same link to opt in again later if you want.

*If you know of a scheme in your area, please let us know and we will see if we can accept the vouchers.

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