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Love to Dream makes safe sleep simple with their multi-award-winning super-soft sleep swaddles, designed to help babies settle quickly and stay asleep for longer. Their clever creations have been carefully crafted according to research from various medical journals that suggest babies sleep more comfortably if they have access to their hands for self-soothing. Love to Dream aims to help parents around the world establish a peaceful sleep routine - for you and your little one!
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    Love To Dream Swaddle Up Bamboo Lite

    The Love To Dream Swaddle Up Bamboo Lite 0.2 TOG is ideal for cooler temperatures while the bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft against your little ones' skin. The Swaddle UP can be used from birth and has been proven to help your baby sleep better and for longer.


    Love To Dream Swaddle Up Extra Warm Transition Bag

    The Love To Dream Swaddle Up Extra Warm Transition Bag is the easiest and gentlest way to help your baby graduate from swaddling while maintaining the snug secure feeling of being swaddled. Simply zip off one wing at a time, allowing your baby to slowly adjust to ‘arms-free’ sleep.


    How to solve sleepless nights with Love To Dream

    Sleep is an integral part of not only their routine, but yours too so, if something is unsettling for them, it can have a domino effect on you, and even the whole household. One of the biggest factors that can disturb your little one’s sleep is the startle reflex; a sudden instinct to put their hands up and over their head.

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