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    When the little one arrives in this world, their curiosity takes over for exploration to begin. Babies are fascinated by everything they come across and long to touch and feel all around them. This is why introducing toys from about six months onwards can be a great idea to provide much-needed stimulation and help kickstart your baby's development.

    The selection of the right toys can make a huge difference in terms of building cognitive skills, promoting learning, and developing physical strength, motor reflexes, and speech. By providing an age-appropriate toy box that’s fun but also educational at the same time you can ensure that your baby gets all the necessary medical stimulation during these formative years.

    Toys can be powerful tools for imaginative play, and some of the most beloved options include wooden blocks, tents and teepees, role-play sets (like kitchens or bakeries), and craft kits. Encourage your little one to use their imagination during playtime, as they will learn to interpret sounds, emotions, body language and other cues - making playtime all the more rewarding!

    Enriching your child's learning through playtime has countless benefits! Sensory play enhances cognitive, motor, psychosocial, emotional, and linguistic development in children. Plus, it's a powerful stress reliever that stimulates brain growth and encourages problem-solving and motor skills. Don't forget, it's super fun too! Start incorporating sensory play into your little one's routine today with our extensive range of toys.

    You can promote playtime for your little one by talking to them about what games they would enjoy playing, whether that's on their own, with a parent or with a friend. You can also join in and make suggestions about some games that might be fun to play, or perhaps what books may be interesting to read.

    Outdoor playtime is great for keeping your little one active and it's recommended that the more time outdoors, the better. 180 minutes is advised and can include light activity such as standing up, moving around, rolling and playing, as well as more energetic activity like skipping, hopping, running and jumping. Make sure they get at least 30 minutes of structured physical activity and 60 minutes of unstructured playtime every day. Help them stay active and avoid being inactive for more than 1 hour at a time (except while sleeping) for optimal health and happiness.

    Activity tables offer toddlers an ideal workspace to play and explore, fostering the growth of their fine and gross motor skills as they engage in fun activities such as puzzle-solving and block-stacking. By providing a platform for play, activity tables encourage babies to stand for extended periods of time, promoting their independence and learning. For young children, activity tables are an excellent tool for improving dexterity as they tackle challenging puzzles and other fine motor skill activities.

    An activity table is topped with toys and activities for babies to play with. It's a place for your little one to play safely and be entertained while they work on motor skills. Around 6 months old is a good time to upgrade your baby from a playmat or play gym, on the floor to a seated activity table.Discover fun and engaging playtime with our range of multi-activity tables, featuring 5 different activities to enhance fine motor skills, your little ones will love exploring and learning with each one. With a safe and balanced design, this activity table also encourages standing up, making it the perfect addition to any child's playroom.

    To promote individual play with your baby or toddler you should ensure they are provided with suitable toys that encourage their imagination and curiosity, such as play dough and stacking blocks. It is also important to provide your little one with an open space they they can safely play within and explore, such as a park, classroom or playground. Be mindful that every child requires different levels of support, so feel free to offer help when neeed such as suggesting games or adding a variety of toys.

    Some of the best educational toys and activities are ones that promote learning and skill development! Our selection includes engaging jigsaw puzzles, board games, wooden toys, and role play toys. Plus, our eco-friendly newborn, baby, and toddler toys are perfect for keeping little ones entertained while fostering their intellectual growth.

    Activity tables are a fantastic addition to Montessori play because they offer an immersive play experience for young ones. The Stokke Mutable table, for instance, is designed with various engaging activities that are guaranteed to captivate and entertain children while also fostering learning. They give little ones the perfect platform and watch them explore and play with enthusiasm.