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Discover our range of highchairs, booster seats, weaning mats and more from much-loved brands such as Stokke, Maxi-Cosi and Toddlekind. Find everything your little one will need to make sitting at the table during mealtimes both comfy and hassle-free.
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    Discover the key features to consider when selecting the perfect high chair for your little one: Look for a five-point harness with sturdy shoulder, waist, and crotch straps to ensure your child stays secure. The construction should be robust enough to handle their weight and stability is essential. Be mindful of any moving parts and check for durable wheels that can withstand being moved around the home. Choose a chair with a large or adjustable seat, a reclining back or seat, and a tray for added convenience. For maximum comfort and support, opt for a high chair with a sturdy back and footrest and consider a padded seat or cushion.

    Around six months is a popular time to introduce a highchair but it’s important to ensure your baby can support themselves first. Some highchairs can be used from birth if used with a newborn accessory, check the product description of the model you are looking at to see if this is possible

    For optimal cleaning, we suggest hot soapy water for our weaning mats crafted from non-toxic materials like Mama Shack. You should try to avoid using antibacterial cleaning solutions or bleach-containing chemicals as they can cause discolouration and weaken the fabric, ultimately leading to cracks and breaks. Both machine washing and tumble drying are not recommended. While many of our weaning and splash mats are wipe clean, they are not resistant to strong colours. As a precaution, we advise being cautious with tomato-based products, curries, vegetables like beetroots, and cream with potent colouring properties, as they may cause staining.

    Messy mealtime moments are actually essential for your baby's growth and development. Allowing your little one to explore different foods, textures, and flavours through touch and play is crucial for their future eating habits. Don't worry about the mess! Simply lay down a splash mat or weaning mat to make cleanup a breeze. These mats are a lifesaver for when food goes flying – you can safely retrieve whatever gets tossed and return it to your baby's plate with ease.

    Ready to introduce your little one to solid foods? Weaning, or complementary feeding, typically begins around 6 months of age. But don't worry if your baby doesn't stick to the schedule - every baby's journey is unique! Here are the general stages of weaning for reference:

    - Stage 1: Introduction of solid foods at around 6 months
    - Stage 2: More textures and tastes explored at around 7 months
    - Stage 3: A wider variety of family foods explored at around 9-12 months
    Just remember to trust your instincts and enjoy the process with your little one.