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Perfect for when the weather is warm, we have collected a range of products that will keep summer cool and entertaining for your little ones. Find Bikes, Scooters, Helmets, Paddling Pools, Beach & Sand Toys, Tents + Teepees and Inflatable toys.
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    Outdoor Play FAQs

    Young children need two to three hours of physical outdoor play per day and by this can gain independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Additionally, they learn about the challenges, constraints, and limits of their play. It allows your little one the chance to discover the outdoors, interact with people, and develop social skills. Playing outside has a direct impact on a child's physical fitness, weight, and immune system.

    Looking for fun water-based activities to enjoy with your little ones? Try playing with water balloons, swimming, surfing, canoeing, splashing in water fights, boating or even exploring the underwater world through snorkelling. Apart from that, let's not forget the importance of gardens for kids as they provide an optimal space for playing, running around and getting some much-needed fresh air.

    Engaging in water play can aid in developing your little one's gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and physical fitness. By participating in activities like scooping, squeezing, and pouring water, they can improve their motor skills. Gross motor skills can also be strengthened through activities such as splashing, kicking, wading with limbs, carrying full buckets, and running.

    Balance bikes are the perfect tool for toddlers to develop their coordination, motor skills, and independence while exploring! These bikes come naturally to children and provide extra confidence as they progress. With balance bikes, little ones can learn to ride without the need for bulky training wheels. They'll master the art of maintaining balance while staying aware of their surroundings, all while having a blast!

    Research has shown that a little fresh air and sunshine during the day can work wonders. Unstructured playtime outside can improve concentration, boost mood, and lead to better sleep for your child. A physical activity outdoors during the day helps children sleep better at night, as well as increasing concentration and improving their mood the next day.