Fraupow is a woman-led company that seeks to bring joy back to breastfeeding without breaking your budget. It’s a simple, lightweight, no-wires breast pump that enables mums everywhere to do what they do best - multitask the hell out of their daily chores and errands. From the mum who runs in the park with a stroller (respect) to the mum who hasn’t gotten out of her pyjamas in three days (also respect). Fraupow is here for you and your maternal needs.
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    A comparison of our top wearable breast pumps

    For those who choose to breastfeed and want to express at the touch of a button, finding the right breast pump will be essential. We’re comparing the differences between three of our top wearable breast pumps by market-leading brands, Elvie, Pippeta and Fraupow. 


    Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump

    The Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump allows busy mums to pump milk whilst getting on with all the other stuff they need to do. It is lightweight, wire-free and fits inside your bra, and was created to support Mums. The pump sits inside your bra and runs on a rechargeable battery, so that you can pump discreetly and comfortably whilst relaxing, looking after your baby, working, or whatever else you need to get on with. Pumping should be part of your day, not get in the way of your day.


    Fraupow Milk Storage Bottles

    The Fraupow Milk Storage Bottles makes everything easier when storing, warming and feeding your little ones. These bottles are super strong, durable and they are refrigerator and freezer safe so you can keep your breast milk safe for longer.

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