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Maileg My First Teddy

The Maileg My First Teddy is the perfect gift for any newborn baby. The fabric is very exclusive and gives the small teddy bear a sweet classic vintage look. Ready to be loved for many years.


Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse In Matchbox

The Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse In Matchbox is the cutest, most whimsically magical way to mark a growing milestone and show your little one the beauty of giving. Every night, your mini dreamer will be filled with anticipation awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy Mouse with her sparkly backpack filled with sweets and treats.


Maileg Dad Mouse

The Maileg Dad Mouse is perfect for adding a touch of personality and cheer to your home, this classic Maileg item is dressed in stylish new clothing. As part of the collection, the Maileg Dad Mouse is designed to fit furniture and accessories specifically for mouse-sized living.