Hoppstar sees little one's cameras not just as a simple toy, but as a companion designed to help little ones develop their creativity and powers of observation, develop their fine motor skills and connect them with their surroundings, family and friends.
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    Explore our range of Hoppstar Expert

    Offering a front camera & selfie camera, the Expert Camera is the ideal children's camera with al the functions you need to capture every memorable moment.


    Dive into our range of Hoppstar Rookie

    The Rookie impresses with its delightful design. Large buttons make the handling particularly easy. The detachable silicone case offers protection against breakage and at the same time gives enough grip to hold and operate the camera easily.


    Shop NBS's favourite Hoppstar product - Rookie Honey

    Shop the adorable bear-shaped silicone case Hoppstar Rookie Honey! The detachable silicone case comes with the camera offering a fun and playful design as well as providing enough grip for little ones to hold on tight when taking their pictures.