Shop Nanit! This brand lets parents track the health, wellness and development of their baby, from sleep and breathing to growth, delivering personalized insights and advice.
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    Breathing Wear

    The Breathing Band works with the Pro Camera to safely detect your baby’s breathing motion in almost any sleep position–without sensors, electronics, or radars.

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    1080 HD Video

    The Nanit Camera offers amazing video quality, as well as being able to see baby from anywhere.

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    Multiple stands to change views

    The Wall Mount positions your Nanit Pro Camera above your child’s sleep space, delivering a crystal-clear bird’s-eye view, you can also find the Floor Stand that has a free-standing and a wall-leaning mode, so you have the freedom to reposition it over nearly any baby sleep space.

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    Packaging | Sustainability

    We want to help parents bring up a baby with a carbon footprint as small as their own tiny feet

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    Natural Rewards

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