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HotTea Mama produces a range of organic, bespoke teas using natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to help women at various stages in their reproductive lives. Using historical and modern research, they have hand-chosen whole leaf, aromatic, and flavourful herbs that make delicious blends with fantastic benefits. Their collection is fully gluten-free and vegan friendly. HotTea Mama wants to empower you to take on the challenges of womanhood, one cup at a time.
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    HotTea Mama Tea Bags - Get Up + Glow

    The HotTea Mama Tea Bags - Get Up + Glow are ideal for when you need a boost and caffeine is off the menu. This zingy fruit infusion tea for pregnancy glow is bursting with tropical tart, and sweet flavors, leaving you energised and glowing.


    HotTea Mama Tea Bags - The Final Push

    The HotTea Mama Tea Bags - The Final Push helps you prepare for birth from 32 weeks - a lovely Raspberry leaf tea and Peppermint herbal infusion. It's ideal for pregnant women in their third trimester.


    HotTea Mama Tea Bags - Morning Rescue

    The HotTea Mama Tea Bags - Morning Rescue is a pregnancy tea for morning sickness. For newly pregnant women in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or nights when your stomach needs to be settled. Whole leaves of lemon verbena, mint and lemongrass combine with pieces of root ginger for a soothing tea.

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