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Stretch B | Sustainability & Safety Award

We are thrilled to share with parents up and down the country the news that the BeSafe Stretch B has been awarded the Baby Innovation Green Award 2023! Read on to find out what this means...


The benefits of extended rear-facing car seats

BeSafe is one of the leading manufacturers of extended rearward-facing car seats. That's why we're taking a look at the benefits of their extended rearward-facing car seat - the BeSafe Stretch...


Behind the Design with BeSafe

There’s so much to discover about BeSafe’s design process, which is why we’ve spoken to the team behind the brand to unveil all that’s gone into making the BeSafe Stretch car seat…


BeSafe + NBS parent approved

BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size

"This car seat feels luxurious, and incredibly safe. The instructions that were on the seat made it incredibly straight forward and within a matter of minutes I had the whole thing clicked into our ISOFIX."

by Louise Smith