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The benefits of extended rear-facing car seats with BeSafe

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As a parent, you naturally want to provide your little one with the safest ride when on the road but how do you know what car seat will work for your family?

BeSafe is one of the leading manufacturers of extended rearward-facing car seats. They champion safety and comfort while they ride and put all their effort into making car seats that have outstanding performance in crash tests even for children all the way up to 7 years.

That's why we're taking a look at the benefits of their extended rearward-facing car seat- the BeSafe Stretch to help you decide what car seat's right for you...

rearward facing car seat for older children

What is a rearward-facing car seat?

Simply put, rearward-facing car seats promote little ones to ride facing backwards to you - in the driver or front seat. Many people prefer this type of car seat especially for their newborn and baby as rearward-facing seats have been found to perform extremely well in crash safety testing. That's because the shell absorbs forces that can strain the head and neck of a little one in the event of a collision.

BeSafe's extended rearward-facing car seats

BeSafe create what's known as 'extended rearward-facing car seats' which are designed to keep children in these safe positions until they reach the recommended age or weight limit for forward-facing car seats which is approximately 7 years. 

Some of the features you'll find on BeSafe's extended rearward-facing car seats include side impact protection and 5 point harness system which helps to keep your little one secure in their seat. However, one of the main element's you'll find on BeSafe's extended rearward facing seats is the focus on longevity, comfort and space, especially in their recent car seat range; the BeSafe Stretch.

besafe stretch

BeSafe Stretch and Stretch B

Their newest rearward facing line - the BeSafe Stretch - offers rearward facing for longer thanks to increased leg room and belt installation which fixes to the seat with anchor points.

The only difference between the BeSafe Stretch and Stretch B model is that the former is designed for use between 6 months up to 7 years while the Stretch B is suitable from newborn. That means you have the option to have one car seat, right from leaving the hospital and for years to come. 

We love the BeSafe Stretch range for its paramount focus on safety. Both models feature a unique external frame which bears the forces in a frontal crash while the spine of the seat shell is extremely rigid to make sure your little one is kept in a stable position.

Because BeSafe understand that when choosing a car seat, the manufacturers promise of safety isn’t enough, they've also made sure the BeSafe Stretch range has passed the world’s toughest crash test – the Swedish PLUS test.

comfortable car seat legroom

More comfort for your child

The BeSafe Stretch and Stretch B also provides optimum comfort for your little rider as it features ergonomic design elements such as adjustable headrests and cushioned backrests which help to support their neck, head and back while they are positioned in the seat.

Additionally, these types of car seats come with adjustable leg supports so that you can customise the fit according to your child's size or preferences. These features make it easier them to remain comfortable during long trips in the car when they're little and not-so-little!

Easy installation and maintenance

The BeSafe's Stretch range is designed for easy installation and maintenance. All models come with clear instructions on how to properly install the seat in any type of vehicle, making it quick and simple to get them set up correctly every time.

In addition, BeSafe's car seats do not require frequent maintenance as they are made from durable materials designed to withstand regular use over time without suffering from wear and tear.

newborn riding

Extended rearward vs forward-facing car seats

While the benefits associated with using an extended rearward facing child seat provide parents with peace of mind when travelling with family in tow, there are some truly revolutionary car seats that also provide fantastic safety even with forward facing.

One example, the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size, has proven itself on countless safety tests and equally offers a range of benefits for families. Car seats like the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size can also offer ergonomic design for optimum comfort and include side impact protection, 5 point safety harnesses and easy installation.

Forward facing car seats also allow for easier interaction between parent and child when in the car which is why many families may prefer this type of car seat when they're little one is older.

CYBEX Anoris T i-size car seat

Choosing your car seat

If you love the sound of extended rearward facing seats then the BeSafe Stretch range could be your best choice! You won't need to buy another car seat for 7 years - if opting for the newborn option - which is both cost-effective and is one less thing to think about as they grow. 

However, if you're keen to interact with your child face-to-face and feel that a forward-facing seat would be a better fit for your car, then a model like the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size provides the same brilliant safety focus!

Once you decide what you would like from your car seat, the decision should be easy. Plus, if you have other questions or would like to see how to install a certain car seat, you can visit our team of nursery specialists at our Surrey store to receive a free car seat fitting service and consultation. It really is that simple!

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