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How to solve sleepless nights with Love To Dream

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As a parent of a little one, you’ll find that getting a good quality of sleep will be the saviour for a better day ahead. 

Sleep is an integral part of not only their routine, but yours too so, if something is unsettling for them, it can have a domino effect on you, and even the whole household. One of the biggest factors that can disturb your little one’s sleep is the startle reflex; a sudden instinct to put their hands up and over their head. This jolted movement will often wake and shock them, meaning that you’re left to calm and soothe back to sleep. 

Love To Dream have set out to solve this problem with the creation of the Love To Dream Swaddle Up, which aims to combat the startle reflex without the need of overly-restrictive swaddling.

Right this way to find out how to solve those sleepless nights…

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The mum behind Love To Dream

New mum, Hana-Lia Krawchuk saw that her little one loved to put his hands in his mouth when sleeping. She went on to discover that this was in fact a natural soother for many babies and in realising this, Hana would avoid swaddling so he could continue to soothe himself.  However, after months of sleepless nights, Hana discovered it was the startle reflex that would keep disturbing his sleep, so she asked herself the question: 

“How can we reconcile the fact that babies naturally like to have their hands up near their faces but still keep them snug for an uninterrupted snooze?”

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Solving the problem

After her career as an experienced fashion designer, she used her skills to start creating the perfect sleep solution to answer that question. The Swaddle Up promotes self-soothing as little one's can move their arms yet still being securely swaddled. With its uniquely patented wings, no loose-layers and zip up closure, the Swaddle Up cocoons baby without potential fabric being kicked off while they snooze.

Unlike a traditional swaddle, the Swaddle Up was also designed as a transitional sleep solution meaning it can grow with them as they start to show signs of rolling. It does this by allowing for one arm to be unzipped at a time, which eases them into a new sleep environment and makes sure that your precious routine stays unchanged.

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Reasons to love the Swaddle Up 

  1. Easy to swaddle in seconds!

The Swaddle Up is made to be super simple and quick to put on your baby. From start to finish dressing your little one takes only 13 seconds - giving you more time to enjoy the more important things as a family.

  1. No complicated wrapping

A new little one in your life can bring on a whole bunch of new life challenges, but Love To Dream believe that dressing them shouldn’t be one of them. Unlike traditional swaddle wraps, the Swaddle Up is simple, won't unravel and easy to pop on - perfect for those nighttime changes.

  1. Allows for self-soothing

With the design allowing for babies to safely suck on their hands, it boasts the added benefit of being able to settle themselves back to sleep. This means you'll spend less time being awoken and more time sleeping soundly through the night. 

There’s lots of benefits to the Swaddle Up, this is why Love To Dream have created a super short 25 second video with the top five reasons why you'll love the Swaddle Up. 

How to choose your Swaddle Up

The unique design of the Love To Dream Swaddle Up allows you to swaddle baby easier than ever, as there’s no more complicated twists and turns of fabric, or worry that little legs can unravel after all your hard work. Plus, while keeping them snug, the certified hip healthy design allows for controlled movement yet, for all the optimum benefits, it’s important to choose the right size Swaddle Up.

Choosing the right size is all dependant on a little one’s weight, rather than age or height as the swaddle is designed to fit comfortably – but snug – around their limbs and torso. You can see in the diagram below what to look out for when choosing yours…

Proven by its success

Since its creation, Love To Dream’s sleep solutions have been bought and loved by millions of parents. They have won countless awards, both in Australia - where they originated - and worldwide.  Some of the accolades we recognise this side of the world include Mother & Baby awards, OHbaby! Awards and MadeForMums awards.

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