CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size

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    Safest Car Seat Ever Tested by ADAC

    The CYBEX Anoris T i-Size Car Seat combines the protection of a revolutionary airbag with all the comfort of a forward-facing journey. Look back at your little one through the rear-view mirror, knowing that the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size keeps them safe in a seat that grows with them. This is the way forward for child car seats.

    6 products

    CYBEX Anoris T FAQs

    Parents who choose to forward-face their child may be doing so with car seats that aren’t designed solely for this purpose, therefore they don’t have the extra safety features that come with the T2 such as the full body airbag.

    In the event of a frontal collision, the airbag acts as a cushion for your child’s head, neck, and torso in seconds. This impressive technology makes the Anoris T2 i-Size 50% safer than a conventional forward-facing car seat.

    The Anoris T is one of the four highest ADAC rated car seats with a very good rating of 1.5, even when ranked against rear-facing car seats, and the T2 is just an upgraded version. Even though we still recommend rear-facing travel as the safest way to go, the Anoris T2 is statistically just as safe as rear facing options, and is a great alternative for parents who prefer forward-facing.

    Ideally no, but unlike rear-facing seats you don’t need to turn the passenger airbag off. It won’t add any extra safety, but, unlike rear-facing seats, it won’t make things worse in the event of a collision.

    Yes, just like the popular Anoris T, the T2 comes with a full-body C-shaped airbag made to protect your little one from all angles.

    The Anoris T2 can be used for up to ten years, making it excellent value and can be used for multiple children. This ten-year window begins once the car seat has been unboxed.

    Thanks to the handy spacer, you should be able to get your hand between your child and the impact shield, and it will still be close enough to keep them secure.

    This is not recommended. As with any car seat, your child should be wearing as fewer layers as possible while in the Anoris T2, so they don’t affect the safety features of the seat.

    The Anoris T and T2 can’t be put through the Swedish PLUS test as they don’t allow airbags in this test, and this test is only for rear-facing car seats. The Anoris T has been ADAC tested and received a very good score.

    But, according to CYBEX’s own safety tests, the Anoris T2 is performing better than five-point harness systems.

    ISOFIX anchors can only be used up to 33kg, so with the weight of the seat, it is impossible to increase the weight allowance of the child beyond this.

    Follow up collision relies on the backup of the impact shield. Although in most cases, the follow up impact is usually from the back, turning it into a rear facing car seat and being as safe as other rear facing car seats. The Anoris T2 also has Linear Side Impact Protection wings which protects your little one from a side on impact.

    CYBEX Anoris Articles

    CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size Car Seat

    NBS are excited to introduce you to the CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size Car Seat, an innovative and stylish car seat that’s leading the way in forward-facing car seat technology.


    Introducing the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size Car Seat

    Looking for a child seat that combines innovative airbag protection with all the comfort of a forward-facing journey? CYBEX have introduced a new way forward to car seat travel with the revolutionary Anoris T i-Size.


    Awarded safest car seat ever by ADAC

    Years of research, hundreds of tests and multiple awards, make the CYBEX Anoris T the optimal choice for protecting your child’s sensitive head, neck, and spine - activating instantly only when you need it.