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Introducing the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size Car Seat

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Are you looking for a child seat that combines innovative airbag protection that offers 50% higher safety levels1 with all the comfort of a forward-facing journey?

Well, look no further.

CYBEX have introduced a new way forward to car seat travel with the revolutionary Anoris T i-Size, designed to grow with your little one from 15 months up to approx 6yrs (or 76cm-115cm + up to 21kg) . The unique design of the Anoris T i-Size keeps them super safe while in forward facing position, so you can watch your child via the rear-view mirror during every journey.

For all the sharp-eyed CYBEX fans, the all-new Anoris T i-Size is derived from the best-selling Sirona range, hence the anagram; Anoris (Sirona backwards). So, if you’re wondering why the Anoris T i-Size is so special, we’ve rounded up the fantastic features of this state-of-the-art car seat…

CYBEX are no strangers to producing pioneering car seats. For many years they have been one of the market leaders in child safety, obtaining over 450 awards for their range of parenting products including pushchairs, car seats and carriers.

Their fresh approach and cutting-edge design have created many popular baby and parenting essentials, perfect to suit any modern family.

Key Features

Improved safety

Hidden in the Anoris T i-Size impact shield until it’s needed most, revolutionary airbag technology delivers unparalleled protection faster than the blink of an eye. In a frontal collision the full body airbag inflates within milliseconds, protecting your little one's head, neck, and body before the force of collision can even reach them.

It forms a C-shape around the impact shield, designed to stop forward motion, reduce abdominal pressure and hold your little one securely in place. This innovation not only achieves unprecedented safety levels and a more compact shield design but also help parents choose the comfort of forward-facing travel with peace of mind.

Easier Interaction

Forward-facing travel enables easy eye contact with your little one as communications are open and unobstructed.  At an age where every interaction is so important², the Anoris T i-Size means you can ride with your little one forward-facing and without compromising on safety.

Maximum comfort

Rear-facing car seats can limit the longevity of use, as this position offers little legroom for a growing child. In a forward-facing seat, growing limbs have ample space to stretch and move for unrestricted comfort at every growth stage.

With 3 recline settings your child can enjoy both riding safely whilst awake and in sleeping position too plus with the easily accessible adjustment handle, you can manoeuvre your little one in and out without needing to wake or disturb them.

Safer for longer

Advanced car seat shell design gives the all-new Anoris T i-Size a spacious seat with plenty of room to grow until approx. 6yrs old³ – with the same unparalleled safety. The adjustable impact shield and headrest is perfect for a safe, snug fit at every stage!

Safety in detail

Side crashes make up for around a quarter of all road accidents6, which is why the Anoris T i-Size features advanced linear side-impact protection reducing the side-impact force by up to 20%5. Force is instead transferred into the seats’ energy-absorbing shell and headrest via protectors. Plus, there’s no need to worry about safety on set up as the protectors fold out automatically before installation.

The impact shield is a fast, reliable way to secure your child quickly and safely when travelling. With an intuitive buckle system, there’s no more struggling with awkward seatbelts, simply click it in, tighten the strap to fit dimensions of any growing child and you’re ready to go. The one-click buckle makes the process simpler than ever4 – saving time, avoiding stress, and making every journey safer.

The ISOFIX base is jam-packed with great safety features, such as easy installation LED indicators and onboard safety assistant. With central visual guide display, the status of the ISOFIX load leg impact shield and battery are confirmed before setting off, so you can start your drive with confidence.

CYBEX's years of meticulous research and hundreds of tests make the Anoris T i-Size the optimal choice for protecting your child. 


There are a number of accessories available for the Anoris T i-Size, including a summer cover, cup holder and ISOFIX guides. The summer cover is perfect for hotter weather, offering temperature regulating bamboo cellulose which helps to keep little bodies cools and dry. 

While the cup holder and ISOFIX guides offer practical additions, meaning you can confidently travel knowing your little one has been safely secured while they can enjoy the benefits of nearby refreshments. We like to call that a win-win!

NBS Loves

“Safety is always a priority with CYBEX and the Anoris T i-Size is no different. Offering all the benefits of forward-facing travel without compromising on the protection makes this revolutionary in the world of car seats.”

- Victoria Hampson, Co-Founder Natural Baby Shower

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Want to know more?

Connect with one of our nursery specialists if you have any questions on the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size car seat. Through one-way video call, you can see the Anoris T i-Size live in person, all from the comfort of your own home.

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