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    To make bath time a fun and comfortable experience for your little one, you'll need these essentials:

    - 2 soft and gentle cleaning options, such as a natural sponge or a wash cloth made of organic cotton.
    - A cozy hooded towel that will keep your baby warm and snuggly.
    - A bowl of warm water to create a relaxing bath environment.
    - A gentle baby wash that is both organic and natural to prevent irritation.
    - A moisturizer or baby lotion to keep your baby's delicate skin soft and hydrated.
    - A reusable nappy to keep your baby clean and dry after the bath.
    - A fresh and clean outfit to dress your baby in afterwards.

    To make bath time even more enjoyable, consider adding some bath toys that will keep your little one entertained and happy!

    When it comes to bathing your newborn, it's important to wait until the umbilical cord stump falls off before using the infant tub - usually around 3 to 4 weeks. In the meantime, a sponge bath will do the trick. And don't feel like you need to rush into bathing your baby once you get home - the World Health Organization recommends waiting at least 24 hours, but it's totally up to you. Take your time and do what feels right for you and your little one. Remember, there's no set timetable or date you need to follow. And if you need some extra recovery time, that's completely okay too.

    Bathing your baby every day isn't necessary, but if they enjoy it, that's fine! Newborns only need a bath three times a week until they start crawling. Over-bathing can dry out your baby's skin, so opt for a product with water-resistant Beeswax. Apply it after baths and nappy changes to protect their skin from dampness, like Green People's products. Avoid bathing directly after a meal or when your baby is unsettled or tired. Create a cozy and comfortable bath area to keep your little one happy.

    Keep your baby warm and happy during bath time with this quick and easy tip. Grab an extra washcloth and dunk it in warm water, then use it to cover your baby's body like a cozy blanket. Just be sure to pour warm water over the cloth frequently to keep them comfortable. By ensuring your baby stays warm, you can avoid bath time tears caused by chilly temperatures. Remember to also pay attention to the air and water temperature, and keep your baby engaged with songs and conversation. Sticking to a routine and bathing your baby when they're fed and well-rested can also help make bath time a stress-free experience.

    Baby bath tubs keep your baby safe and relaxed during bath time. Choose from a safe, non-toxic baby bath tubs that offers a contoured head rest to keep your little one's head above water and an ergonomic design that prevents slipping. Our bath tubs help you keep your baby comfortable and secure while they get clean! Whether you're a new parent or an experienced pro, you'll love the peace of mind that comes with our safe and effective baby bath tubs.

    Keep your little one's smile healthy by starting good habits early on. Clean your infant's gums after feeding and begin brushing as soon as their first milk tooth breaks through (around 6 months). Don't wait for a problem - schedule your child's first dentist visit by age 1 or within 6 months after their first tooth comes in. You can therefore prevent tooth decay and cavities with consistent care.

    Did you know that every day in the UK, eight million disposable nappies are thrown away? Shockingly, these can take up to 500 years to decompose and take up around 4% of landfill space. Thankfully, there's a great alternative that's kinder to the environment and your wallet - reusable nappies! By choosing to reuse, you'll significantly reduce your carbon footprint, landfill waste and outgoings. Plus, your little one will benefit from kinder materials on their skin, easier potty training, less nappy rash, greater comfort, and, yes, fewer poonamis!

    Prepare for a lot of nappy changes - your newborn may need up to 12 a day! But don't worry, we suggest using reusable nappies. They're not only eco-friendly, but also great for your wallet and gentle on baby's delicate skin. Your midwife will check for one wee and bowel movement one day one, then you can expect two wet nappies on day 2, three on day 3, four on day 4, five on day 5, and six each day after. You should also expect your little one to have frequent bowel movements during the first week.

    If you're a new parent, you may be wondering how often to change your baby's nappy. The answer is simple: after every poo. However, you don't need to change their nappy after every wee! Instead, aim to change it before or after a feed, unless you notice nappy rash or skin irritation.

    At night, there's no need to wake your baby for a nappy change. Once they're sleeping through the night, an absorbent reusable cloth nappy will easily last 12 hours. Only change their nappy during the night if it's soiled or completely full.

    Remember, keeping your baby comfortable and clean is essential for their health and happiness. By following these tips, you'll have one happy and dry baby.

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