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How to use and wash reusable nappies

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In case you didn’t already know, we LOVE reusable nappies. We love how they help reduce waste, protect the planet, protect delicate baby bums, cost a lot less than disposable options and we love all their funky and unique designs.

But they do sometimes have an image of being hard or tricky to use which can put some parents off from giving them a go. But we are here to tell you this is simply a myth. Today’s cloth nappies are way less daunting than the old-school towel and pin versions of the 50s. They have had a 21st century makeover and are now so innovative, they're a breeze to use!

So we spoke to reusable nappy heroes, TotsBots, to find out just how easy reusables are to use and wash, to help all of you parents out there feel more confident about giving them a go!

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How to use an all-in-one reusable nappy

TotsBots EasyFit all-in-one nappy is designed to be most like a disposable. It has a waterproof exterior and an absorbent core inside — and it’s the best for ninja-fast changes! They help with fuss free changes, are slim-fit and are fast-drying.

  • No need to assemble different parts together. Comes in an all-in-one design ready to go.
  • Simply pop in a liner to catch any poo.
  • Then every change time, replace the entire nappy and put a new liner in.
  • If needed, you can use an additional absorbent pad for heavy wetters.
  • These are also available in TeenyFit for low-weight babies

We recommend you’ll need around 20 if washing daily and 25 if washing every second day.


Now let’s look closer at a two-part reusable nappy

Two-part nappies are made up of an absorbent core and a separate waterproof wrap. There’s some assembly required, but we promise it’s super easy! TotsBots two-part nappies, otherwise known as the Bamboozle nappy comes in both day and night options with an array of different wraps, liners and pads. The Bamboozle Wrap is essentially the fast-drying waterproof part of the nappy! It works together with both the Bamboozle Stretch and Bamboozle Pads.

Introducing the Bamboozle Nappy day time

For the perfect lightweight daytime nappy, use the Wrap with the Bamboozle Pads. You simply popper the pads inside the Bamboozle Wrap. When it’s time for a nappy change, switch out the pads for dry ones, wipe and reuse the Wrap, and you’re good to go!  

  • The reusable bamboo nappy sits inside a waterproof wrap.
  • A great night-time nappy, lasting up to 12 hours.
  • Pop in a liner to catch any poo 
  • Every change time, replace the liner and bamboo nappy.
  • You can re-use the outer waterproof wrap 3-5 times before washing.

Compared with Bamboozle Nappy night time

During the night, attach the Wrap to the outside of a Bamboozle Stretch to create an ultra-absorbent night nappy. Working together, the Bamboozle Stretch absorbs any wetness and the Bamboozle Wrap prevents leaks.

  • Reusable bamboo pads sit inside a waterproof wrap.
  • Two pads (light and medium) can be used together or separately depending on how much your baby wets.
  • Pop in a liner to catch any poo and keep baby's bum dry overnight
  • Every change time, replace the liner and pad(s).
  • Re-use the wrap 3-5 times before washing.
We recommend you’ll need 5 or 6 Bamboozles for night-time use plus 2 Wraps to use over the top. Pick up our night-time kit, full of everything you need to use reusables at night.

Watch more on the Bamboozle nappy system

What shall I do-do with the poo?

This is the question we get asked the most. And just like with disposables, there’s no avoiding baby poo — sorry! You’ll be dealing with the exact same amount of poo if you were using disposables — albeit maybe a lot less mess, since robust reusable nappies mean no poo explosions up baby’s back!

With reusable nappies, any poo is caught in a handy disposable or reusable liner. You simply tip any poo down the loo so it doesn’t sit stinking out your kitchen bin. The dream right!? TotsBots magic little reusable fleece liners catch any poo and make change-time a doddle. 

  • Before putting the nappy on, pop a liner into the nappy.
  • Every change time, lift the liner out and tip any poo down the loo.
  • Wash your liner with the rest of your nappies or pop them in the bin/compost if you are using biodegradables (remember no flushing!).

How to use and wash reusable nappies

How to wash your reusable nappies

Ok, so onto another question we get ask a lot! How do I wash them, how long does it take and is it easy? The good news is, after you've parted with the poo, there's no need for messy soaking! Just pop them into your machine and wash with non-bio powder at 40 degrees for wet, 60 degrees for soiled, and voila! We recommend washing your nappies every second day, and you can even wash your reusable nappies in with your regular laundry – lots of parents wash them with towels and bedding so they’re putting on a full load.

The few extra loads seem easy once you realise all the good reusables do for the planet, don’t you think? By using reusables, your environmental impact is reduced by 40% — even with laundering taken into consideration. 

We promise this is a no boil-washing no soaking zone! Between washes (and once you’ve tipped any poo down the loo) store your used nappies in a dry bucket lined with a TotsBots laundry mesh.

Before washing, remember to...

  • Remove the reusable liner from the nappy and flush any poo down the loo.
  • Pop the nappy and reusable liner in your waterproof storage bag or lidded nappy bucket.
  • Remember to line your nappy bucket with a laundry mesh. Our two pack is perfect – one for the wash and one for the bucket.
  • If using a two-part nappy, you can re-use the waterproof wrap 3-5 times before washing.

Then, during the wash...

  • On wash day, simply lift the mesh containing the liners and nappies out of the bucket and chuck the whole lot into the washing machine. If you use reusable wipes you can keep them all in the bucket ready for wash day!
  • Yes that’s right, you don’t need to touch the nappies if you don’t want to, it’s as simple as grabbing the bin liner and chucking it all in the wash at once.
  • Wash in non-bio powder at up to 60 degrees. Better yet, the potion wash gets your nappies sparkling at 30 degrees!
  • Make sure you don't use fabric softener because this reduces their absorbency.

Finally, after washing...

  • Because sunshine helps banish stains, we recommend line drying outside whenever possible (UK weather permitting of course!). Even drying near a window can work wonders on stains!
  • TotsBots nappies can be tumble dried on cool, but it’s better for the environment to air dry them.

TotsBots like to say “clean in 15”; Washing your reusable nappies only takes fifteen minutes of action from you.

  • 5 minutes to load the wash.
  • 5 minutes to hang up or pop in the dryer.
  • 5 minutes to fold and put away.

Keep calm and cloth on! 

So that’s it, you now know how to use and wash reusable nappies! The only other thing you’ll need is a waterproof bag for changes on the go. Shop our full range or start small with a mixed Trial Kit and find the best nappy for you and your little one.

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