Cuddledry Baby Towel Review

The award winning Cuddledry baby bath towel makes baby bath time safe and stress free with it’s clever apron design, meaning you can dry and cuddle your baby after bath time with your hands completely free. No more juggling a slippery wet baby as well as a towel. We think it’s a genius idea, but what did our parent testers think of it?

Cuddledry Baby Towel Review

Parent Tester - Laura-Jane Van Der Merwe

Benji and I were lucky enough to be chosen as one of Natural Baby Shower’s trusted parents testers and received a Cuddledry Original Bath Towel to review and keep.

Natural Baby Shower had this product to our front door within two days, in gorgeous eco-friendly brown packaging, no plastic, that’s a big win for me! We had a few choices of colour: -Grey Stars -Oatmeal - White/Blue -White/Pink

We chose Grey Stars and the product looks exactly as I expected it to. Very Instagram worthy.

Cuddledry Baby Towel Review

Let’s start by stating that I am now insanely jealous of my son’s new bath time accessory! It’s so luxurious, I feel like I am taking him to the spa every evening when have bath time! The fabric is supersoft bamboo and cotton of very high quality and is double lined with towelling, one side with a soft, very absorbent, towelling fabric, and the other side is the softest fleece. 

What absolutely stands out about this towel, aside from it’s brilliant design, which I will get to... is that I can grab up Benjamin straight into it and no water soaks through onto me and my clothes! This has been a big issue for us with other towels, so much so that I would double layer with two towels before... very fussy.

Cuddledry Baby Towel Review

The design. I wasn’t quite sure how this would work... but having a tie around the back of my neck is sheer genius. It means that I can pop the towel on from the get go, which is very comfortable and well thought out, firstly not having to scramble about to remember where I have put it, then trying to hold onto him with one hand and getting his towel ready in the other because it’s been scrunched up under my knees or moved to the side when I picked Ben up and so on. Then once we are out the bath I can very easily un-pop the poppers and keep him wrapped up on his changing mat! 

Cuddledry Baby Towel Review

My son used to scream when I had to take him out of the bath and lie him down then wrap him up. No more. He comes straight into my arms, comfy and warm.

My one initial reservation about this product was the price. It did seem a little steep for a baby towel however now that have used it, it is absolutely worth the retail price, truly!

Highly highly highly recommended, five gold stars cuddle dry! No wonder you have won so many awards. I couldn’t live without this now! 

Parent Tester – Sapphire Kwame

Natural Baby Shower kindly selected us to test and review the Cuddledry towel which we were very excited about as we’ve heard great things!

When the product arrived the outer packaging was recyclable which we were very pleased with in respect of it being environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the packaging for the Cuddledry towel is fantastic! The box cleverly shows the product in a window, but is also designed perfectly to present it as a special gift.

Cuddledry Baby Towel Review
We chose the Cuddledry in the Oatmeal colour which is rich and vibrant and very stylish. We have no doubts about the towel fading like others as it’s already been washed a few times and still looks and feels brand new!

The design of the towel means that there is no more getting wet or soaking the bathroom floor when trying to take my baby out of the bath. For me, this is a game changer! 

The quality of the Cuddledry is unmatched. It is soft on my baby’s sensitive skin and really absorbent, so it doesn’t feel like you have a wet towel hanging around you after bath time. I really do think the price reflects the quality and is worth it!

Cuddledry Baby Towel Review
The Cuddledry is really easy to use! You only have to pop it around your neck and it’s done! You can pick your baby up out the bath and wrap them up with no hassle! 

I really didn’t know what I was missing until I tried the Cuddledry and now it’s a towel I can’t live without when it comes to my baby’s bath time. I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more and ranting and raving about it to my mummy and daddy friends!

I give it a 10/10. The Cuddledry towel is definitely one of those products you just can’t fault and is a must have!

Parent Tester – Danielle Hamel

The Cuddledry bath towel is a gorgeous soft towel that really does make bath time easier. The simple apron design enables you to have to hands free which really helps when getting your precious little one out of the bath. The towel is very soft and my little one loves to snuggle into it after his bath. From a parents perspective it’s great quality and washes really well. 

Cuddledry Towel Review

Cuddledry Bath Towel

The towel is bigger than I expected but is actually ideal as it keeps you dry whilst lifting your little one out of the bath! I would highly recommend this towel to any parent, having an extra hand at bath time is always a winner!

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