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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mum’s are great aren’t they?! They love unconditionally, support us with no questions asked and hold our hands through out everything life throws at us.

Mother’s day is the special day we get to celebrate all you fabulous women doing the amazing job of being a Mum. So, cheers to you Mum’s, chill out and relax, this day is all yours (make the most of it, we definitely will be!)

Whether you're shopping for a Mum-to-be, new Mum, Grandma, or Mother-in-law, or even another Mum friend, we have dozens of unique Mother's Day gift ideas to spoil them with. Show the special Mum’s in your life how special they are this Mother’s day with our top picks of the perfect presents in our Mother's Day Gift Shop.



Cam Cam Copenhagen Beauty Purse

The Cam Cam Copenhagen Beauty Purse is at the top of our wish list this year! It’s the perfect item to add to any changing bag to help organise all your Mum bits. This beauty purse has so many secret pockets and practical loops to hold make up brushes or any Mum essential. No more hours spent searching for that lip balm! If that's not enough to make you want one, they also come in 6 different prints.

 Cam Cam Beauty Purse

Cam Cam Copenhagen Beauty Purse


Tiba + Marl SS19 Changing Bag

Every Mum needs a good changing bag to make their life that little bit easier and organised. Tiba + Marl are our go-to brand for fun but functional changing bags. Their designs redefine traditional frumpy changing bags to provide Mums and Dads with stylish bags where an edge of cool always comes as standard. Keep ahead of the trends with Tiba + Marl’s brand new SS19 styles, we are struggling to choose our favourite.

Tiba + Marl ss19


Elodie Details Thermos Flask

Every Mum needs a coffee boost at some point to help them through the day thanks to their little sleep thieves. The Elodie Details thermos flasks are the perfect gift for a busy Mum so they can get their hot coffee fix whilst they are out and about. The stainless steel bottle keeps liquids warm for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. These gorgeous bottles come in 3 designs to suit every personal taste.

 Elodie Details Thermal Flask


Gaia Rocking Chair

Make those baby cuddles that even better with the help from the beautiful Gaia Rocking Chair. This chair is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort perfect for nursing, feeding and cuddle time. It makes the perfect finishing touch to any nursery. Win extra bonus points with the matching footstool which doubles up as a storage box, sold separately.

 Gaia Rocking Chair


Articulate Gallery Photo Frames

Every Mum is the parent to a mini artist, even if some of their “masterpieces” are a little questionable. Help them treasure and display these priceless pieces with the Articulate Gallery frames. They are a range of slot-sided picture frames making it easy to swap and change what’s inside the frame.

Articulate Gallery Frames


Cam Cam Copenhagen Changing Mat

Help make sure the Mum’s in your life are never caught short whilst out and about by getting them a handy portable changing mat. They are so handy for Mum’s on the go who may find themselves having to change baby in the back of the car or in less than clean public toilets. It’s the perfect secret weapon for every Mum’s changing bag. We love the Cam Cam Copenhagen changing mat designs.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Changing Mat

FreeRider Wraps

Baby wraps are nothing new, they have been around for years and many parents swear they make parenting and moving around with a baby so much easier! But FreeRider wraps are something new and exciting. They are made from 100% Tencel fabric, crafted from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees, the most sustainable fabric available in babywearing. It’s three times softer than cotton, exceptionally breathable and once you touch one you will understand why we are totally obsessed. They also come in some gorgeous designs and prints every Mum would love!

FreeRider Wraps


Sun-San Salt-Water Women's Sandals

Warmer days are coming (finally) and we can’t wait until we can start wearing our favourite Sun-San sandals again. The Salt-Water range for women are classic flat sandals with 100% leather uppers. They are the perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions. Mum can also twin with her children with these styles also coming in baby and toddler sizing too.

Salt-Water Womens Sandals


Babymoov Babydoppler

Don’t let Mum-to-be’s miss out on the Mother’s Day action. Even though their little bundle of joy hasn’t made their arrival yet, they still deserve to be made special this Mother’s day. Give them the gift of their baby’s heart beat with the Babymoov babydoppler. Developed by an obstetrician gynaecologist, this doppler lets you hear your babies heart beat from the 12th week of pregnancy. 

babymoov Babydoppler Connect


Bbhugme pregnancy pillow

Be every expecting Mum’s hero by getting them the bbhugme pregnancy pillow. This pregnancy pillow helps alleviate pregnancy aches and pains whilst making it more comfortable to sleep. The bbhugme pregnancy pillow can be used as a full body pillow during pregnancy, providing proper support for the most important areas - your belly, pelvis, lower back and legs. The pillow can also be used as a soft positioner or nursing support after the baby arrives.

 bbhugme pregnancy pillow


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