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A comparison of our top wearable breast pumps: Elvie, Pippeta and Fraupow

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For those who choose to breastfeed and want to express at the touch of a button, finding the right breast pump will be essential.

Yet, it can sometimes be tricky to know which one meets your needs and your budget. That's why, here at Natural Baby Shower, we’re comparing the differences between three of our top wearable breast pumps by market-leading brands, Elvie, Pippeta and Fraupow.

To help you shop confidently, we’ll cover what features these three pump heroes offer, why people prefer "pop-in bra to pump" options, price points, plus detail the specifications so you can find the right breast pump for you or someone you love...

comparing our breast pumps

Elvie Single Breast Pump

For ultra-quiet, discreet pumping

elvie single pump

The Elvie Single Pump is one of the most popular choices around for wearable breast pumps. This sleek, wearable electric breast pump comes with seven different suction levels and features revolutionary noise reduction technology for ultra-quiet and discrete pumping.

Made from BPA-free plastic, the Elvie is designed to fit inside a nursing bra and offer the freedom to multitask while pumping, inside and outside the home. The Elvie Pump can also connect with the Elvie Pump app to monitor milk volume in real-time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump. This is all with a touch of button so there's no need to interfere with the breast pump while it's in your nursing bra.

Pippeta Hands-Free Breast Pump

For affordability without compromise

pippeta hands-free

The Pippeta Hands-Free Breast Pump is another popular option for expressing mamas on the go. This cordless pump fits seamlessly into a nursing bra and comes with two soft silicone flanges, allowing you to customise the fit and make sure that milk flows smoothly and without leaks while pumping. 

Despite retailing at a lower price point, the Pippeta Hands-Free Breast Pump offers 12 suction levels and 4 expression modes - expression, massage, lactation and automatic.

Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump

For lightweight portability

fraupow wearable breast pump

Last but not least is the Fraupow Wearable Breast PumpLighter than the leading alternative it weighs in at just 218g! It also holds 180ml of milk - meaning this clever little pump can hold greater quantities of breastmilk without the need to stop to empty the milk chamber or change bottles.

Designed with comfort in mind; it also fits perfectly into any nursing bra without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. It also offers 12 adjustable intensity levels for your convenience, as well as 3 expression modes so you can tailor each pumping session to your liking.


Specs Elvie Single Breast Pump Pippeta Hands-Free Breast Pump Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump
RRP (£) 269 69.95 79.95
Weight (g) 430
H128 x W110 x D68
H145 x W67 x D56 
H135 x W105 x D65
Intensity settings 7 12 12
Expression modes 2 4 3






While many weareable breast pumps overlap with the features and specifications, some will suit your needs better than others. For example, if you're looking for the most discreet way to express milk while out and about (or even just at home!), then consider investing in the Elvie Breast Pump which features noise reduction technology.

On the other hand, you may prefer the Pippeta Hands-Free Pump which offers lots of similar features to the Elvie, just at a smaller price point - great if you're looking for a breast pump on a budget!

Likewise, you may want to spend a little more to enjoy the lightweight portability of the Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump. It's similar in size and features, however at just 218g but with a 130ml milk capacity, it holds more milk and reduces time to stop and empty the milk chamber!

Want to know more?

Our team of nursery specialists are on hand to answer your calls, either via one-way video call, booked appointments or via our chat. We're here to help you decide which breast pump is best for you and offer helpful tips and advice on breastfeeding and pumping too. 

With all these details in mind, we hope we could help you pick the perfect breast pump that meets all your needs!

*UPDATE* The Fraupow Wearable Hands-Free Breast Pump included in this article has now been upgraded and has a variety of new and innovative features, including four modes and twelve intensity levels. 

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