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Back to School Checklist

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As the summer holidays come to close, the imminent sound of early morning alarms and school bells near, and with it comes the need to restock on all those back-to-school essentials.  If it’s your little ones first day, or you’re a seasoned school-run coordinator, making sure their ready and the school bag is fully equipped for the day ahead will ensure their first days back run smoothly and make your life that little bit easier too.  

Sure, you may need to tweak the contents of their school bag as your little one becomes not so little, but primarily there’s a few key things to remember when getting ready for their first day back. At Natural Baby Shower we have a whole host of fabulous products, perfect to tick off on your checklist…

1. Backpack

Let’s start at the first hurdle, the backpack. You may not need a new backpack every year, although with lots of play and obvious bumps, it is likely that what was once a lovely new bag is now looking a little worse for wear. There are some really cleverly designed options out there such as the Scoot & Ride Backpack which features a clip to secure a helmet, perfect if your little one is planning to ride or scoot to and from school. For some really cute styles, the Lassig backpack features a range of little characters, from Koala’s to Wombats, you’re sure to find a furry favourite for your little one.

2. Water Bottle

Your little one will need to stay hydrated for the day ahead, as I’m sure it will be full of lots of play. For this reason, packing a water bottle is a must, especially for those hot summer days. Our Liewood range has a whole host of fun prints and sizes to suit, with handy accessories to keep them warm or cold and clean.  The Liewood Anker water bottle comes with both a normal lid and a sports lid, perfect if you plan to use for school and at home.


3. Lunch Box

If you plan to prepare their lunches for the day, finding a reliable, easy to clean lunch box or snack pot should be high up on your list. The Done by Deer snack box set is perfect for on the go and with 3 different sizes, it can be used interchangeably with each day and food choice too.

4. Snack

School meals are a great choice, but if you do plan on making their lunch or adding some snacks, try to opt for healthy, well-balanced ingredients. Guidance suggests we are still not eating enough fruit and veg, with a recommended amount of 5 portions of varied fresh, frozen, tinned, dried or juiced fruit and veg each day. 

Although there are some dried fruits that contain high volumes of sugar such as raisins, therefore these are recommended to eat as part of their meal rather than at snack times to prevent tooth decay.

It’s no secret that fruit and vegetables may not be your little one’s favourite treat, so if you have a fussy eater, don’t worry if they only like a one or two types at first. Try to keep consistent with their snack options but introduce slowly where possible. Young children are more likely to eat a new food they have seen others eat, so try to find out what their friends are eating and how to introduce it into their lunch box too.

 Find out more on healthy lunch box recipes and tips.

5. Nappies + wipes

If your little one is still in nappies, make sure to pack a few in their bag just in case they need frequent changes.  

Nurseries typically expect parents to stock nappy changing accessories such as wipes in their bags or in bulk, with many nurseries labelling your changing items so they are only used for your child. It is a good idea to speak with your nursery or school to confirm their processes, especially if you plan on using reusable nappies.

6. Stationery

Stationery kits may look a little different as they age, however for the little learners, crayons and pencils will be a great addition such as the Micador Early start crayons. Nurseries and schools will often have shared pens, pencils, paints etc however for ease of use, or if you plan to use a childminder, packing a few of your own will mean they can entertain themselves wherever they are.

As they begin to read and write, packing a good, aided handwriting pen is recommended by schools. If you already know whether your child is left or right-handed, there are some tailored handwriting pens to fit their distinct grip.  

Older students will be expected to bring a complete set of stationery, i.e. pens, pencils, calculator, ruler, rubber etc especially if they are moving into secondary school. Schools will often send a letter home prior to starting, outlining the expectations of what students need to bring, so make sure to have a look or reach out to the school if you haven’t heard anything.

7. Pencil Case

With all the little bits and pieces that you plan to pack, ensuring you have somewhere to keep them all will be very helpful. Finding a large, distinctive pencil case will mean if things go missing, you should be able to find it quickly.

8. Change of clothing

You may have already experienced it; dropping your little one off at the gates or classroom, buttoned up, hair brushed and looking picture perfect … then greeted by the exact opposite in the afternoon. 

If your child is a busy bee in the school day, the likelihood of accidents, mess and damage to their clothes are high, which is why packing a change of clothes is a good idea. 

Discover our range of clothing and outerwear

9. Sun Cream

Your child may not spend hours and hours in the sun during school, however their delicate skin should be protected from harmful UV rays where possible. Opting for full coverage sun creams, even on cloudy days will make sure your little one is fully protected throughout the day. The Toddle + Sun wind balm is perfect for even the most sensitive skin as it's made with no harsh chemical or parfum.

10. Hats, Scarf + Wellies

Remember to pack seasonal items such as woolly hats in winter or sun hats in summer. The Elodie details winter beanie is perfect at retaining head heat and keeping ears toasty on brisk morning walks. If you walk to school, you may find your little one will be wearing most of these pieces, however, try to consider – especially in the UK - that the weather has a mind of its own and we can experience both snow and sun all in one day.

The Liewood Rory cap is ideal for days out in the sun, providing shade for their eyes and boasting a funky dino print. To keep little toes dry, wellies are a must have throughout winter too.

We have a range of different styles and heights to suit. The Grass and Air colour revealing wellies features clever technology that reveals colour once wet plus, they’re made out of 100% rubber with easy-to-dry removable insoles.

Checklist Recap

1.  Backpack 
Scoot & Ride Backpack | Lassig backpack

2. Water Bottle
Liewood Anker water bottle

3. Lunch Box
Done by Deer snack box set

4. Snack

5. Nappies + wipes

6. Stationery
Micador Early start crayons

7. Pencil Case

8. Change of clothing

9.  Sun cream
Toddle + Sun wind balm

10. Hats, Scarfs + wellies
Elodie details winter beanie | Liewood Rory cap | Grass and Air colour revealing wellies

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