Babiators Polarised Sunglasses

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    Babiators Blue Series Polarised Sunglasses are made from a flexible rubber that is virtually indestructible - they won’t break when you bend or twist them. The lenses are also impact and shatter-resistant which offer 100% UV protection from the strong sun.

    All Babiators sunglasses come with an awesome 1 year guarantee against breakage and loss.

    13 products

    Babiators Polarised Sunglasses FAQs

    Polarised sunglasses are useful if you're looking to reduce glare for your kids, which occurs when light bounces off surfaces. These work best in snowy landscapes, on sunny holidays or near water where glare is of real risk. Polarised lenses don't protect eyes any differently than non-polarised lenses.

    • Look for high UV protection which will protect your kids eyes.
    • If you love the water or snowy climates choose polarised lenses.
    • Opt for a quality lens you know will last from a brand you can trust, that’s us by the way!

    Opt for original lenses for day-to-day use unless you spend a lot of time around water where you made want to eliminate the risk of glare.