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Why we love Bobux

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We know that finding the perfect pair of shoes for your little one’s ever-growing feet can be a challenge. Balancing comfort, practicality and style can even be a challenge in itself, not to mention finding shoes that really support healthy foot development. Here’s why we love New Zealand born brand, Bobux!

Why we love Bobux

We share a similar story

Bobux began in a garage in New Zealand, just like Natural Baby Shower began from a kitchen table in England! Our founders, Vics & Clifton were inspired by their time in New Zealand and wanted to provide parents with sustainable products that were the very best for parents, babies and the planet.

Similarly Chris and Colleen Bennett, founders of Bobux, needed shoes for their baby daughter Chloe but nothing on the market would do. In their garage armed with leather, suede and a couple of rubber bands, Chris had an idea… soft soles!

Why we love Bobux

Soft soles are a game changer

Chris crafted the materials in his garage together and finally, Chloe had soft, comfy shoes that let her little feet move naturally. There he had it, the world’s first soft soled shoes!

Bobux believe that rigid shoes can impact the development of little feet if they are not designed properly. That’s why Bobux design and produce shoes which conform to a natural foot shape. Featuring thin and flexible soles, which mimic barefoot walking and are super comfortable to wear. Bobux Soft Soles are the next best thing to ‘barefoot is best’ because they too promote healthy foot development. 

They come in three stages

Bobux shoes come in three stages to grow with your little one, and support their feet through different development stages. 

Bobux Xplorer:

Lighter, tougher and bendier... Bobux Xplorers are the perfect shoes for little ones as they begin their earliest adventures. If your baby is starting to pull themselves up on furniture and is able to stand when supported, this range is for you!

Xplorer shoes are lightweight and durable, offering protection as babies start to stand. Their grippy, textured soles help babies push against surfaces and the reinforced toe-caps protect tiny toes as they crawl around.

Why we love Bobux

Bobux Step Up:

Featuring flexible soles for free movement, Bobux Step Up shoes are made from harder wearing materials to protect and comfort children as they start to explore. At this stage your little one is starting to explore on their own and may topple over backwards onto their bums at times!

Step Ups are styled like little shoes for your mini-me, but they still have all of the important adjustability and stability features of healthy, first time walker footwear.

Why we love Bobux

Bobux I-Walk:

The ultimate toddler shoe! Bobux I-Walk shoes are especially designed for bouncing, running, hopping balls of energy.

Learning to move faster, stop quickly, jump and change direction requires more support and a more diverse range of motion. Bobux I-Walk shoes enable more confident movements, which is important for your child’s development, so it’s important they have a shoe to carry them on this journey.

Why we love Bobux

Expert opinions

Bobux employ their own foot experts and work closely with podiatrists and respected universities worldwide.

Always keen to increase their knowledge around the physical development of children’s feet, Bobux believes that the more they learn, the more expertise they will have. This allows them to worry about your little one’s healthy foot development, so you don’t have to! 

No compromise on style

The idea of practical, comfortable shoes sometimes comes with a compromise on style - but not with Bobux! Whether you love a classic shoe, cool trainer or cute ballet pump, Bobux offers a style for every occasion.

Why we love Bobux

High quality materials

Whether it’s leather for breathability, merino inners to keep moisture and foot odour at bay, polyester for flexibility and to hold up against wear and tear, or eco-friendly bamboo... Bobux has got it all covered! 

Making life easier

Your little one will love being able to put their shoes on independently! With wide openings, adjustable velcro fastenings and pull on tabs, Bobux shoes are super easy for both parent and child to put on (even during toddler tantrums!) 

Why we love Bobux

True to size

Bobux uses foot casts and real children to make sure their shoes are the right fit for little feet. Some brands simply measure down from adult sizes, but Bobux shoes couldn’t be more true to size!

All seasons covered

From supportive sandals for those warmer months, to cosy merino booties, and everything in between! Bobux has got you and your little ones covered all year round. This means ultimate comfort and the very best for your child’s foot development, all year round. 

Why we love Bobux

So that’s why we love Bobux shoes! Remember, if you need any guidance on the right shoes for your little one, our nursery specialists are on hand to help. Connect for an instant live demo or book your free virtual appointment now! Local to our Surrey store? Book your in-store appointment.