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Why Merino Wool is Perfect all Year Round

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A common misconception about merino wool is that it is only for use in the winter months. Well, we think it is about time we dispel this rumour and talk you through how merino wool is the perfect all year-round material to wrap your little one in. As well as looking into Merino Kids, our all time favourite brand who make all their products from the amazing merino wool.  

Merino wool is unlike any other fabric on earth, and we believe it is the best all year-round fabric you can buy. It is a powerhouse natural fibre, with properties that place it above and beyond any of the synthetic materials and other natural materials, such as cotton that children’s clothes are made from.

So, let’s take a closer look at why merino wool is perfect for summer and winter.

 Why Merino Wool is Perfect all Year Round

Absorbs and evaporates moisture

When its hot, merino wool fibres pulls and absorbs moisture away from the skin which is then evaporated from the surface of the fabric. This prevents that wet clammy feeling and you will be kept cool and comfortable. Merino wool draws sweat away from the skin and retains the moisture, though the clothing still feels dry to the touch. This amazing fabric can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture before you start to feel wet. 

But when it’s cold these moisture vapours condense inside the fibre and give off heat to keep you warm. Merino fibres have a natural kink and crimp to it, this is one of the things that make merino so warm. It traps body heat in small air pockets around the body, which results in keeping the body warmer for longer. 

Regulates your body temperature

All of this magical science that merino wool is doing behind the scenes results in helping to regulate your body’s temperature. Simply put, when your body’s warm, merino keeps you cool and when your body is cool it keeps you warm. This is all down to the fact that merino is able to release warmth when necessary, avoiding overheating. There’s no fibre on earth that can regulate your temperature the way all-natural merino can.

This is why merino wool is always our top choice for little ones. This amazing unique property of helping to regulate your body’s temperature makes it the perfect fabric for little ones, who of course, can’t regulate their own temperature just yet or tell you whether they are too hot or too cold! Exceptionally soft, lightweight and breathable, merino wool is the perfect way to keep baby comfortable in all seasons.

Why Merino Wool is Perfect all Year Round

No need for seasonal swaps

Another benefit of the amazing temperature regulating property in merino wool is that there is no need to swap your little ones pyjama's or sleeping bag for a different TOG when the seasons change.1 merino wool sleeping bag will be perfect all year round, saving you money and worry in the process.

Odour resistant

Due to its unique thin fibre’s, this type of wool does not retain odours. Because bacteria cannot find a solid surface to grow on, it makes merino wool anti-bacterial. The build-up of bacteria is what creates that ‘sweat’ smell rather than the perspiration itself. Unlike other synthetic fibres, merino wool absorbs odour particles and releases them only when washed.

Easy care

Merino wool is super easy to care for and wash - music to every parent’s ears, right?! Because of it’s odour resistant properties, you don’t need to wash your merino wool garments as often. Plus, it has a protective outer layer that prevents stains from being absorbed as easily.

But that’s not all! To make life even easier merino wool has elastic properties that make it completely wrinkle resistant. As opposed to viscose, cotton and linen as well as a number of synthetic fibres, once washed ironing is completely optional.

Why Merino Wool is Perfect all Year Round

Durable and long lasting

Every parent wants to buy a product that will last them a long time and be good value for money. Well, merino wool is the one for you. Merino wool is extremely durable, in fact it is 6 times stronger than cotton. A little bit of science to prove it - each merino fibre can be bent back onto itself over 20,000 times. In comparison, cotton breaks after 3,200 times. This allows your clothes to last for many years throughout every season, even for 1 or more children too, without losing shape or reduced quality.

Super soft

The fine and flexible fibres of merino wool make it incredibly soft and kind on delicate skin. Whereas traditional wool can sometimes have the reputation of being scratchy and itchy, merino wool is very different. It is much softer and more luxurious to wear than other wool types. It also won’t itch or irritate the skin, perfect for those warmer months when you just need something soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Merino wool, the all year round choice

So there you have it, our top reasons why we love and use merino wool all year round. Merino wool brings style, comfort and performance together in perfect harmony to create a powerhouse fibre for your little one that is great for warm and cold weather.

Why Merino Wool is Perfect all Year Round

Discover Merino Kids

Merino Kids is our top choice for a merino wool brand every single time! They do such a large range of baby, toddler and children’s clothes and sleep wear all made from the amazing merino wool. The company was founded by Amie Nilsson over 18 years ago after her first daughter was born and Amie was shocked at the number of synthetic products that were flooding the market. So using her textile design background and in depth knowledge of merino wool, she set about creating a range of products using 100% natural materials to create a safer sleeping environment for children.

The Merino Kids range has all the merino wool essentials you need for your family. From their iconic Go Go sleeping bag, to their super soft pyjamas and cute newborn essentials that are perfect all year round. The best part of all, thanks to the all the amazing qualities listed above, you won't need to buy seasonal products or switch depending on the weather.

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