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Silver Cross’ Royal Heritage

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The sight of a Silver Cross pram evokes memories for so many, from grandparents to friends, it is a product that is known throughout generations. Whether you were carried in one as a child, or pushed your newborn in one of your own, for nearly 150 years this brand has been catering for families up and down the country, yet one very important family has crafted Silver Cross' truly iconic heritage.

The Royal family has been parading the gorgeous classic-style Silver Cross Balmoral pram for many years, with the Queen herself sporting the pushchair as a baby and, with all her own children and grandchildren.

So, on this Jubilee weekend, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a brand that not only has the royal seal of approval, but is continuing to blend their heritage, expert craftsmanship and contemporary designs to create the perfect versatile modern pushchairs for 21st century families too. 

Silver Cross’ popularity and heritage in the UK has aided growing recognition of its products internationally, and in recent times their product portfolio is more diverse than you might think. From prams to car seats, nursery furniture and more, the Silver Cross name is making waves for more than just their old style classic prams.  This can be seen when taking a closer look at some of Silver Cross’ product staples; the Balmoral and Dune and Reef strollers for example, tell the story of the brand’s heritage and how these pushchairs have transformed over the century…

Silver Cross History

In 1877, Yorkshire was the home of a man who not only invented what would soon become one of today’s most popular baby brands but also changed parents' lives forever with his revolutionary baby carriage design. Founder William Wilson came up with the invention that allowed parents to take care and protect children on their journeys while still being able to enjoy time together as a family.

140 years on, the Silver Cross British heritage is still what makes them special and unique. Their years of expertise is masterfully put into every single product they make, even today. Their unwavering commitment towards design and innovation has led them to continue developing new technologies while seeking out high quality materials to protect every little one on their journey throughout childhood.

Royal Heritage 

The name Silver Cross is closely linked to royalty. In 1913, they became the official pram of George VI and Elizabeth II after a special edition was created for them – which is now known as "The Queen's Baby." With this royal association came high quality craftsmanship; traditional design that has not changed much since then (though it did gain some new colours) and rapid growth throughout Europe. This was largely because families recognised how well made these strollers were and at an affordable price point. Thanks to the Royals, Silver Cross is now known as the world's most exclusive baby pushchairs - dubbed the "Rolls-Royce" of prams.

Silver Cross Balmoral pram

The Silver Cross Balmoral is a classic that will never go out of style. From its durable design to it's birth place having being Britain, this pram has everything you could want for your child and then some! It is the only Silver Cross pram that continues to be manufactured in England, something which they are rightfully proud of. It is the only Silver Cross pram that continues to be manufactured in England, something which they are rightfully proud of.

In some quarters, the Balmoral is considered old-fashioned. But in recent years there's been a revival of interest and demand for this classic pram design - so much that Silver Cross still manufactures 650 per year from their warehouse on Yorkshire’s north side (where they've been since 1891). It may be hard to find one now though; 8 weeks usually constitutes an average waiting list!

The process of making the Balmoral is a laborious one, with each chassis requiring hand- bends to form its unique suspension. The distinctive shape and strength needed for this task comes from using old tooling dating back almost 100 years ago! 

Silver Cross Dune + Reef stroller 

The new Silver Cross Dune and Reef strollers are a breath of fresh air for this historic brand. The Dune and Reef are both modern, sleek and contemporary - just like the next generation which it is designed for!

Launching in early 2022, the Dune and Reef have been built to last and infuse modernity into the Silver Cross brand. Featuring a new Silver Cross logo, the whole aesthetic of these pushchairs is quite the opposite to the classic carriage seen of the Balmoral.

To keep up with the demands of the modern parent, Silver Cross now make sustainability a huge priority in all of their product creation, right from the manufacturing stage to recycling products in their second life. Therefore, the Dune and Reef outer fabrics are woven exclusively with yarn from recycled plastic bottles. Even on the surface it’s clear that Dune and Reef have been carefully created with the environment in mind, each sustainable fabric colourways are inspired by the environment around us and the natural beauty within it.

Silver Cross today

With modern parents’ needs constantly changing, Silver Cross has remained ahead of the game by creating more lightweight and adaptable pushchairs. To blend their heritage with today's designs for versatility of use anywhere, including the city or country living; they've combined expert craftsmanship from top quality materials like high-density plastics which can withstand daily wear without cracking over time.