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Silver Cross Balance Car Seat Review

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Silver Cross recently launched their first full range of 4 car seats that range from birth to 12 years. The Silver Cross Balance car seat offers a two-stage function, so it grows with your child from 9-36kg. The five point harness can be used up to 18kg, then easily stored within the seat for continued use up till 36kg. With nine head rest and four recline positions, they’ll always travel safely and comfortably, surrounded by the softest natural bamboo fabrics. We wanted to put it to the test with one of our trusted parent testers. Keep reading to see what they made of this car seat from Silver Cross. 


Silver Cross Balance Car Seat Parent Review

Parent Tester – Tania Ferreira

A few weeks ago, we got chosen by Natural Baby Shower to try out and review the new Silver Cross Balance Car Seat. We chose this car seat because at the moment it is the best one for the stage Emma’s in at 16 months old. This car seat goes from 9 months to 12 years old, so that’s definitely going to last us for a while!

After we got contacted by Natural Baby Shower and gave them our shipping details, the car seat arrived the next day. YES, the next day! How amazingly quick was that delivery? And so well packed as well and with instructions on how to set it up.

Silver Cross Balance Car Seat Parent Review

This is a heavy and sturdy car seat, with ISOFIX which our old one didn’t have and it made it so easy to fit in our car. It looks and feels very comfortable compared to our old one and it was really easy to get Emma used to it.

Only downside that we found is that at first the harness is not as easy to fasten/open as other car seats that we’ve tried. But as soon as you find the best way to do it, it gets easier every time.

One of the features that I most enjoyed is that the Balance car seat has 4 comfortable recline positions. Emma usually loves sleeping in the car, especially in our longer travels and with our old car seat I feel that she never had a proper sleeping position and her head would always move around and fall down as we drove. With the Balance car seat, as soon as she falls asleep, it’s so easy for me to reach her from the passenger’s seat and pull the chair into a more reclined position.

Silver Cross Balance Car Seat Parent Review

Silver Cross Balance Car Seat Parent Review

Cherry on top of the cake is that this car seat is also made from natural bamboo fabrics which are super soft, breathable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, making this car seat perfect for babies with sensitive skin. How amazing is that? And the seat covers can be removed and machine washed at 30 degrees. That makes it easy on us mamas when we have sweaty kids and sticky hands!

Overall, this is a stunning and really high-quality car seat and as you can see, Emma’s quite happy with it!


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