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Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Review

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Silver Cross Discover car seat is a new high back booster seat providing safe and flexible support for your growing child, 15kg - 36kg (approximately 3 years to 12 years). Expanding side impact protection provides more space as they grow, while the ergonomic design and natural bamboo fabrics surround them in comfort. Silver Cross' new range of car seats are designed to make car safety simple for parents. They want to help parents feel confident that they’ll always travel safely, while the soft natural bamboo fabrics surround them in comfort. 

We couldn't wait to put these new car seats to the test, so gave one to a trusted parent tester to see what they thought of it. Keep reading to see their full review. 

Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Parent Review

Parent tester – Alice Monaghan-Phelps

We were recently so lucky to have received a Silver Cross Discover car seat from Natural Baby Shower in return for an honest review. The product was sent to us in an inventive space saving box which I thought was really cool, providing great protection for the car seat without using excess packaging which is definitely a huge bonus when we are all trying to save the planet.

Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Parent Review

Upon opening our wonderful parcel we were soon amazed by the wonderful features that the Silver Cross Discover had to offer. As most high back boosters do, the Discover’s head rest adjusts easy gliding up and down making it very easy to adjust with your constantly growing child. However, a feature that I found particularly good was that the sides of the car seat were also adjustable and moved in and out when the height was adjusted meaning that the car seat truly fits your child well.

We are using the Discover for my eldest daughter Elsie who has just turned 7 years old, normally I do not feel safe placing Freya my younger daughter who is three years old in a car seat that does not have a five point harness due to her being rather slender, but as the sides of the Discover also move to fit your child I feel far more safe using this product for her too.

Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Parent Review

It was very easy to install into the car using the very simple yet secure ISO FIX system that I believe most modern cars have now, the ISO FIX is attached to the car seat with bars making the seat very “fixed” into place. The car seat does not wobble from side to side, in fact it does not move at all! Perfect.

Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Parent Review

There are simple instructions printed on the side of the car seat explaining how to place the seatbelt across the body making it very easy for inexperienced people (e.g. grandparents, Aunts or Uncles) to safely secure your child into the seat.  The car seat is very well padded and looks extremely comfortable with additional padding added to the back rest of the seat making it very soft and spongy as well as looking stylish.

Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Parent Review

Silver Cross Discover Car Seat Parent Review

The only downside to this car seat is that it does not have a drinks holder in the base of the seat, something that we do find very handy when using the car. It is also quite wide meaning that it is very close to the plug and with it being attached to the ISOFIX it does not move over easily, (We have quite a wide car, Peugeot 3008) however Elsie is still able to plug herself in.

All in all, we are very happy with the Silver Cross Discover, Elsie finds it very comfortable and we use it every single day! It has an upmarket feel and is definitely worth it’s price tag!

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