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Sensory Soft Toys and Comforters

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A comforter or soft toy can become a huge source of security for your little one that they can very quickly become attached too, amazingly these can also help to develop their senses too.

From day one your little one is adjusting to and exploring their new surroundings in the big wide world, which is a big change from what they are used to in the womb. Comforters and soft toys are a great way to offer them something they can grab to help soothe themselves and offer comfort in their crazy new environment. But if picked well, a well-designed toy or comforter with a few key features can really help develop their senses too.

Here is what to look for when choosing the perfect soft toys and comforters that are also great for developing their senses too.

Sensory Toys

Contrasting colours

Vision in the least developed out of all of the senses at birth. Because of this, babies are attracted to high contrast prints and patterns as they can see these easier. Picking products that have black and white designs, or large scale high contrast prints can help stimulate your little one better, captivate their attention for longer and help their sight develop. Etta Loves are our go to for beautiful comforters that also have a sprinkle of science to them, all their products are designed to stimulate your little one’s vision.

Sensory Comforters

Interesting sounds

Your little one has been listening to the outside world way before they made their arrival. Babies can actually hear muffled sounds and voices from within the womb at around the third trimester mark. So it’s great to choose toys that offer sound stimulation too as they are very used to noise already. Rattles are a traditional children’s toy, we all had one when we were growing up and it’s no different for our children.

They are great little things and can keep your little one engaged for quite a long time as they rattle and shake to hear the noises it can make. It also helps teach them cause and effect, their grasp reflex and fine motor skills. Pretty impressive for such a small little toy! We love to go for soft squishy rattles so it can be a cuddle buddy and rattle all in one. Fabelab win every time with their cute animal themed rattles that are also super soft making them great as a soft cuddle toy too. 

Sensory toys and Comforters

Textures and Knots

Your little one is currently exploring the world with their hands and mouth to test out all this new stuff going on around them. Objects that have mixed textures will help develop their sense of touch. Opting for comforters or soft toys that have a mix of fabric will help to keep them engaged and developing their senses. For example, the aden and anais Musy Mate has a mix of soft cotton and silky satin trim with a lovable animal character on top. This 3 in 1 comforter offers a mix of textures for your little one to explore.

As well as textures, knots or added bumps are also great for tactile development. These extra features will keep your little on engaged and interested in the different elements. They can grab it, eat it, pull it, rub it against their face and explore in their own unique way. The best for comforters with knots to grasp and chew are the Liewood cuddle cloth. They come in a huge selection of fun characters, colours and designs.
Sensory toys and Comforters

The all in one

They may not be able to read yet, but a baby book is an amazing way of packing lot’s of stimulating and interesting features into 1 product. Each page is normally bursting with something new and exciting for your little one to explore; from crinkly materials and rattles, to tactile fabrics and mirrors for them to engage with. We love the Done by Deer Activity book, it’s got everything you need to keep your little one engaged and to develop all their senses in 1 small item. 

Sensory toys and Comforters

Who knew a small cuddley toy or comforter could be a sensory genius to help your little ones development. So keep their senses and these key features in mind when picking your next comforter or soft toy. Soothe and entertain your little one, whilst also developing their senses!? It’s a no brainer!

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