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Rainy Day Activities for Children

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. These may be the lines from a classic nursery rhyme, but when the rain is falling they are not far from the truth. Being stuck inside means cabin fever and boredom can very quickly set in. Unfortunately, we can’t make rain disappear or bring back the sunshine, but we can make those rainy days a little more fun for the whole family by showing you our favourite fail proof rainy day activities, plus they all screen free options! We want to help to hopefully stop your children (and you) from climbing the walls, or drawing on them with these fun ideas.

Rainy Day Activities   


Art + Crafts

There is no better way to keep your little ones entertained for hours than some old school arts and crafts. Get their eyes off of the TV for a little while and get them involved in creating their very own mini masterpieces, and if you are anything like me, you will struggle to resist getting involved too! Let their imagination run wild and also let them use any left-over newspapers or toilet rolls to help create their creations. Take a look at our favourite arts + crafts ideas using recycled household items here.

Or if you have only just finished clearing up the glitter explosion from their last arts and crafts session Babymel offer the perfect mess free afternoon arts and crafts activity. Their colour and wash art canvas is amazing, it lets your little one colour in the canvas design with washable colouring pens. Once they have completed the design simply wash and go again! No mess, no hassle and endless hours of colouring fun.

Rainy Day Activities


Indoor picnic

Make lunch time fun by hosting a picnic. Don’t worry, we’ve not completely lost our mind, of course we mean an indoor picnic. Simply lay out a blanket and some cushions on the floor in your living room and turn lunch time into a fun picnic. Plus, don’t forget to invite your little one’s favourite dolls and teddies along to join in the fun.

Rainy Day Activities


Build a den

You will win the best parent award with your little ones when you announce that you’re going to spend the day building a den. Hide away from the rain and let their imagination run wild by building them a fort to hide from the dragons, or a castle for the prince or princess, or it can even be the perfect place to host a tea party or story book time. It can be whatever your little ones imagination makes it, and that’s the magic of den’s! Get out the spare bed sheets and some clothes pegs and turn a room in your house into the ultimate hideout. Or if that seems a little like hard work, you could just as easily pop up one of our amazing TeePee’s and set up camp in there for the day.

Rainy Day Activities


Treasure Hunt

This one is one for the whole family and can be done indoors or outdoors, so it’s a great option whatever the weather. First things first is for your to go around the house hiding prizes for your little ones to hunt for. You could hide little sweet treats for the to find, or if you want to avoid any danger of a sugar rush you could hide their favourite toys, or card with small dares on them to make it slightly different and funny. If you really want to up the ante you can hide clues or riddles for them to follow to find the big prize at the end to help with their problem solving skills and development whilst in a fun way.

Rainy Day Activities


Brave the weather

Sometimes you just have to embrace the British weather for what it is and head out for an adventure whether it is raining or not. Whatever the weather pop on your waterproofs, put your wellies on and gather the troops to head out for a winter walk and get stuck into nature. Children won’t mind a little rain, in fact you’ll probably have a job trying to stop them from jumping in the puddles. Then once you’re home warm everyone up with a yummy hot chocolate and PJ party on the sofa. We couldn’t think of a better winter adventure!  

Rainy Day Activities

Just because it's raining outside, doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had! Embrace it and get creative with some fun indoors activities for the whole family to enjoy. You'll make so many fond memories by having some family fun even if the weather leaves you wanting to run away to a warmer country.

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