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Modern Cloth Nappies bundle review

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Based in the heart of England, Modern Cloth Nappies create award-winning sustainable and style-conscious reusable nappies which are both beautiful and fashionable. With a series of unisex, minimalistic prints and super soft fleece lining,  it's no wonder these nappies are taking the reusable market by storm! 

As a premium protection nappy with an internal double leg gusset, those who are looking to make the change to reusables can rest assured there are no leaks even for the most active of wrigglers. Don't just take our word for it, read on to see what our team of parent testers had to say...

Parent tester - Laura

We were kindly gifted this Modern Cloth Nappy set from Natural Baby Shower to review, which included 4 gorgeous All in One nappies (one was in the wash), some cloth wipes, biodegradable liners and a beautiful pod to put the nappies in.
We are currently potty training Bella and it’s going well but she is still in nappies when we go out and about.

I am really impressed with these nappies. The prints are beautiful for a start, and the majority of them feature neutral designs which is great to keep hold of for baby boy on the way, so double the use!

The lining inside the nappies is super soft and comfortable against her skin. I also found they dried quite quickly, especially in the colder weather we are having at the moment.

The absorbency seemed great too, Bella didn’t leak through these and there is an opening at the back to add boosters if your little one is a particularly heavy wetter. The fit of the nappies were great, Bella seemed super comfortable wearing them.

The cloth wipes you get with the set are brilliant too! They are a really decent size and are super soft, unlike other brands we have in our stash and the pod is amazing too! It can comfortably hold up to 6 nappies for when you’re out and about, as well as spare clothes.

The lining inside is really great quality and super thick. It’s got poppered loops as handles so it’s really easy to attach to the pushchair or hanging up when in changing rooms. Plus it’s beautiful to look at! The liners were nice and easy to use, although we tend to use reusable fleece liners in our nappies rather than disposable.

Overall, I love them and they will be a staple in our rotation of nappies. I love the simple designs and how easy they are to use! This is the perfect set if you’re new to cloth nappies as it has everything you could need to get started, and everything is so simple to use.

Parent tester - Lizzie

I had the fantastic opportunity to try out these gorgeous Modern Cloth Nappies starter bundle and have been pleasantly surprised. The nappies itself are slim and yet surprisingly absorbent!

The patterns on the nappies are so minimalistic yet gorgeous, and are even better close up. The inner fleece lining has stayed nice and soft wash after wash considering we live in a hard water area! The inside tongue of the nappy has proven to become a little stiff due to the hard water but this can be quickly resolved with a quick rub.

Also, the inside of the nappy has one side which is made of a different type of fleece and seems to be a “fluff attractor” so after a few washes has now discoloured a little bit. The fitting of these nappies is so simple, even my partner doesn’t have a problem! 

The wipes are the best that I have tried so far! They’re made out of bamboo, are a great size being bigger than others we have tried and have also stayed so soft after many washes in a hard water area which has been great for my little ones super sensitive skin. The only downside of these wipes is that due to them being made from bamboo they do take quite a while to dry unlike my other cotton wipes.  

The nappy pod has been a life saver, being able to attach the nappies to the outside of my change bag has definitely saved me a huge amount of space, whilst also not getting in the way too. The pod is such a great size, I have been able to include all 4 nappies, wipes and even some food for my little one whilst we’re on the go.

As the nappy pod has not one but two detachable straps I have found this to be extra secure as well as also being handy too as you can convert them into a convenient handle to carry just the pod for short trips to the changing room. 


The disposable nappy liners have also been great. Gives me the confidence that I know my baby cannot feel the wetness against their skin as well as being able to quickly dispose of solids without having to scrape the nappies. They are also such a great size for the nappy itself and have found them successful in catching all of the solids.

Thank you so much for the great opportunity to try out these gorgeous nappies! I think you may have converted me to a new brand!

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