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Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix vs Tinca Car Seat

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Maxi-Cosi is one of the most popular child car seat brands on the market. Maxi-Cosi are the masters of safe, comfortable and reliable car seats. Their designs are trusted by parents around the world and here at Natural Baby Shower they are always among our top recommended car seat brands.

But how do you know which Maxi-Cosi car seat could be the one for you? We compare two of their best selling infant carrier car seats, the iconic CabrioFix against the new Tinca car seat, to help you decide which one could be perfect for you and your new arrival.

Maxi-Cosi car seat review

What is I-Size

But first, what is I-Size? I-Size is also known as the R129 regulation. It is the newest and highest test level for car seats.

I-Size is categorised by the length of your child compared to previous and slightly older regulation of R44/04 which goes by the weight of your child instead.

With I-Size it is mandatory for a child to be in a rearward facing position until at least 15 months old which is proven to be the safest way for your child to travel.

Plus, there is additional testing with R129 regulations, which means the car seats under this regulation also has to have side impact and roll over testing.

Find out more about I-Size here.

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix vs Tinca Car Seat

The Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix

The CabrioFix is iconic to Maxi Cosi and has been in the range for years! The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is an infant carrier that can be used from birth up to approx. 12 months / 0-13 kg. The CabrioFix is a lightweight seat weighing 3.35kilos. This seat has been tested to the R44/04 regulations meaning it has had front and rear impact testing and classified by the child’s weight.

The head and body support provides enhanced comfort and the Side Protection System offers overall safety in case of side impact collisions. What’s more, CabrioFix can either be secured with a car seat belt, or compatibility with the Maxi -Cosi Easyfix and Familyfix base.

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix vs Tinca Car Seat

The Maxi-Cosi Tinca

The Tinca is still fairly new to the market, only launching mid 2020 so it might not be a name a lot of parents have heard about. Below we will go through the main features and benefits of the Tinca and how it compares to the historic Maxi- Cosi Cabrio fix.

The Maxi-Cosi Tinca was designed for parents’ convenience. The Maxi-Cosi Tinca is an infant carrier, suitable for babies between 45-75cm. The car seat itself weighs only 3.2 kilos, so super light weight and built for parents in mind and making it very easy to carry their little one to and from the car.

Another great factor about the Tinca compared to the Cabrio is that it is an i-Size compliant baby car seat. Perfect for new parents who don’t want to compromise on safety but at an affordable cost. I-Size compliant seats ensure safe rearward facing travelling, providing extra protection for baby’s head and neck.

With instillation the Tinca can either be installed using a seat belt or with an ISOFIX base. The Tinca is compatible with the Tinca base, simply click the Tinca onto the base, which is safely connected to the car’s ISOFIX anchor points. Learn more about ISOFIX here. The Tinca is also compatible with the Familyfix2, which you can use with a second stage seat once the child has outgrown the infant carrier.

Additionally the Tinca is compatible with most Maxi-Cosi strollers. Whether in the car or on a walk, the Tinca is the car seat for everyone. 

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix vs Tinca Car Seat

Unique Selling Points of Maxi-Cosi Tinca

  • It has a lightweight design for easy carrying.
  • It is tested under the newer i-Size regulations for guaranteed safety on the road.
  • Includes newborn insert to keep your babies head safe and for extra comfort.
  • Including a large UV protective sun canopy, spf 50+.
  • Fits most Maxi-Cosi strollers.

So now you know a little bit more about both car seats and have better understanding of the key differences, we hope we have made it easier for you to make an informed decision on the best car seat for you and your little one. 

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