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Learn More About the Etta Loves Collection

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It’s no secret we absolutely love Etta Loves. Their unique pieces look and feel beautiful, but behind it all there is also a touch of science magic to their designs that helps your little ones development. We know, pretty amazing right!?

We wanted to take a closer look behind the brand and products from Etta Loves that make it on to our parenting essential lists every time.

What are the products?

The collection ranges from super soft organic cotton muslins to sensory playmats, teethers and comforters. Every product is made ethically, from sustainable materials in a planet friendly way whilst also being super soft and stylish.

What's the science?

Etta Loves was created to turn everyday essentials into sensory sensations, by using the science of what babies can and can’t see to create clever and stunning patterns. Each Etta Loves piece features prints designed to support and enhance babies’ visual and cognitive development. In other words, they are designed to mesmerise your little one and enhance their development whilst giving parents a moment of peace and calm. That is a massive win in our books!

Every design is created with the help of the Etta Loves consultant Orthoptist, to very precise measurements based on the babies stages and what they can and can’t see at each stage. They also take into account the colours that babies can see at various ages, as well as the shapes they show preference too. The whole range is split into 2 categories for best results – 4 months or 5+ months.

Why are there 2 age ranges?

As your little ones grows their eye sight will start to develop, Etta Loves wants to create products that grow with your little one too and help to enhance their sight development. As a result they create 2 different ranges that meet the changing needs of your little ones development. A great deal of thought goes into every aspect of the design – from the colours used, to the size and shape of the pattern and its spacing

Newborn to 4 month range

At this stage, their eyesight is blurry and it is proven that it is much easier for tiny babies to see if objects have high contrast patterns or colours. Therefore black and white object will attract their attention more. For this reason, the Etta Loves newborn to 4 months range is full of beautiful high contrast black and white patterns. Over the first few months a baby’s colour vision will develop rapidly and by 2 months they will be able to tell red and green apart if the colour are really bold. Then by around 4-5 months they will be able to distinguish blue and yellow.

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5+ months range

As babies start to appreciate colours, a whole new visual world opens up to them, and whilst they will still find the black and white designs interesting, Etta Loves wanted to offer patterns that will continue to challenge and captivate your baby. In comes their 5+ months range. The Etta Loves 5+ month range is designed to include a darker colour that babies will be able to detect easily, but also to start to challenge and develop your little ones vision with a range of colours and contrasts. By including a variety of colours that your baby will be able to see easily, and some that are more challenging, Etta Loves 5+ muslins will continue to fascinate and entertain your baby.


Our top picks

The Etta Loves x Keith Haring Range

Etta Loves x Keith Haring celebrates the highly popular artwork of renowned American artist Keith Haring, whose pop art and grafitti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s. This muslin is perfect for cuddles, spillages, for using as a lightweight blanket, breastfeeding cover or to put over a playmat to encourage tummy time.

Etta Loves Playmat

Playmat’s are great to offer your little one a soft place to relax, play and explore. But this one from Etta Loves also helps their visual development with the designs bursting full of their unique and science led prints. Plus, it grows with your little one; one side is for newborn to 4 months then simply flip it over as your baby graduates to the 5+ month sensory magic. A brilliant 2 in 1 product.

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Muslin’s are a parents best friend, we couldn’t live without them! So why not add a touch of science to these every day essentials. Designed to support babies between 0-4 months or 5+ months, Etta Loves muslins are not only versatile everyday heroes, they’re also a portable sensory experience for your little one.

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