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Etta Loves - Sensory Science

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Etta Loves are our new parent must have and are placed firmly at the top of our wish list. The range of gorgeous super soft organic cotton muslin squares are enough to make you fall in love instantly. But there is much more to these designs than first meets the eye. The simple muslin that has been a mother’s essential for generations just got an upgrade by Etta Loves and can now help your little one’s development from birth.

Jen founded Etta Loves in 2016 after noticing her 4 week old daughter was transfixed by her black and white top. This inspired her to develop a range of sensory muslin's that help with day to day parent tasks but also help visual and cognitive development through their clever designs.

Etta Loves products are not only made of the highest quality fabrics, but they have been designed with input from an early years visual expert, to ensure that they stimulate babies' visual and cognitive development. Keep reading to discover the science behind Etta Loves products.

Etta Loves - Sensory Science

The Science

Did you know that out of all of the senses, the sight is the least developed at birth? At birth a baby’s vision is limited, they have just spent 9 months in the dark after all. At first the world seems confusing and very blurry to their undeveloped vision. Because of this it's much easier for a newborn to see very high contrast things - therefore black and white objects attract their attention more and in doing so fascinate them. Jen wanted to create a product that worked with this understanding and that helped support sight development.

For your little one the early months are all about focusing on contrasting colours to help them focus on and distinguish between different shapes. By 4-5 months babies have developed their binocular vision, put simply, both eyes are starting to work together. Their brains need to learn how to coordinate the images received from each eye and blend them into one single picture. It is at this point that you'll notice more accuracy in their grabbing (parents with long hair will be able to testify to this!)

Etta Loves products are uniquely designed using science. With the help from Orthoptists, specialists in children’s visual development, Etta Loves was born. Huge attention to detail and focus was put on the first 12 months of a child’s visual development to ensure that the patterns, colours and level of details are right for every stage. So much so, because of the leap in babies' visual development, their products come in two age ranges - 0-4 months for babies as young a few days old to 4/5 months and then 5+ months, for when their colour vision has improved significantly. Each design contains a range of scales within it to ensure that it provides stimulation for many months.

Etta Loves

Visual development was always at the forefront of the design process but that doesn’t mean quality or attractiveness was forgotten. Their science based designs were created by a designer and are absolutely gorgeous, a mix of intricate black and white shapes with splashes of colour for those later visual development requirements. The Orthoptist and designer have worked closely together from the beginning to create these amazing designs that also have a touch of science.  

Etta Loves products are also only made from the highest quality fabrics. A big focus in the design process was that all the products would be organic and sustainable. All Etta Loves muslin's are made from 100% organic cotton meaning they are super soft, hard wearing and sustainable. What isn’t there to love about Etta Loves?

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