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Introducing the Dune and Reef strollers by Silver Cross

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The highly anticipated new releases of stroller travel systems by Silver Cross are here!

The epitome of style and sustainability, the all-new Dune and Reef strollers have arrived Natural Baby Shower, and are the latest innovative products brought to you by this distinguished nursery brand. Let’s touch on why these new stroller travel systems should be on your watch-list this year…

Silver Cross Dune and Reef strollers

Kinder to the planet

Whether you’re a parent or not, many people have heard of the pushchair brand Silver Cross. For  nearly 150 years, they have brought parents award-winning products and become one of the biggest names in the industry. But it’s more than just their top-quality products which have earned this reputation. Silver Cross’ focus on sustainability has been one of their biggest driving forces with every venture, and the Dune and Reef releases are no different.

On the surface, you’ll see that the colourways of these strollers are inspired by the beauty of the environment, featuring a tonal, sophisticated palette you’ll find Glacier, Space and Stone in Dune and Orbit, Earth and Neptune in Reef. Under the surface – or should we say - fabric, there’s a lot more behind this story. Crafted with exclusively woven fabrics, the Dune and Reef strollers are made from 72 recycled plastic bottles in the complete travel system, with a mission to combat the 1 million plastic bottle problem estimated to pollute our environment every minute.

Silver cross

From the hardware process to the finishing accents, sustainability oozes through the Dune and Reef strollers. With vegan friendly leather finishes and soft bamboo seat liners, the design doesn’t only look premium, but is constructed with eco-credentials at its core.

“To the rock on which we tread, to the landscapes we wish to save. Each colourway emanates its own personality, each modern in approach, uninterrupted and tonal in value. Striking synergy connects fabric to hardware creating a new generation of identity.”

- Helen Smith, Silver Cross Fabric Design Manager


While Silver Cross are trailblazers in sustainability, the Dune and Reef certainly do not compromise on practicality and style. These soon-to-be, market-leading strollers boast some fantastic features from accessories to footprint, so let’s walk you through what to expect…

Silver Cross Dune

Dune is the Silver Cross compact, feature-packed travel system designed for urban families or those looking for an intelligent, space-saving pushchair. Suitable from newborn, Dune’s world-class manoeuvrability and minimalist style allows parents to take on the city, hassle-free.

Silver cross Dune stroller


The pushchair reversible seat is available to use from birth with full, lie-flat recline plus, with its simple switch, side-button release, you can enjoy this feature in both world facing and parent facing mode. The unique GeniusTM harness system with patented magnetic buckle allows for improved adjustment for little one when removing and securing them in the stroller - a lifesaver for on-the-go travel.

Compact fold

The built-in carry handle makes storage simple, while the revolutionary one-handed, free-standing fold means the Dune stands on its own four wheels and, without the handle touching the floor – keeping the luxe handle (and your hands) free and clean!

Newborn and travel system

From birth out of the box or with the option of a newborn pod, compact or first bed carrycot or even a coordinated car seat, Dune has 5 modes so you can choose the best fit for your family. Here’s what to look out for when choosing your Dune newborn bundle.

The newborn pod resembles a more soft-structured cocoon for young babies, that allows the pushchair to be folded without needing to be removed. Yet it’s super supportive and comfortable, with head-hugger and soft, bamboo lining so you can rest assured your little one is comfortable and secure.

Silver cross finishes

If it’s a harder shell you’re after, the first bed folding carrycot combines comfortability with compact suitcase technology. Or for the best of both worlds, the cleverly designed newborn carrycot is a softer shell that can be unzipped and folded onto its base. All options are great for portability with their small storage solutions, so deciding what sort of cocoon you want for baby will be your deciding factor.

The Dune is also available to use as a travel system, with simple to use universal adapters that provide compatibility with leading car seat models, or you can choose the specialised adapters for the award-winning Silver Cross Dream infant carrier.

Silver Cross Reef

Reef is the Silver Cross multi-terrain travel system, offering the best in baby comfort and parent practicality. Newborn-ready, Reef features a full lie-flat seat as well as the unique Silver Cross Genius harness system.

World-class suspension and never-wear tyres ensure a comfortable ride for parents and baby, perfect for suburban exploring! Encompassing the same eco-credentials as the Dune, the Reef colourway boasts a visually striking palette with metallic surfaces and unique recycled fabrics designed to heighten luxury.

Silver Cross Reef


With its large puncture-proof tyres, the Reef stroller is perfect for parents to take on all types of terrain with ease. The world-class, 4-wheel suspension system gives confidence to any exploring parent, whether they’re tackling pavements, cobblestones or muddy paths!

Complete with the Genius™ Harness System, parents have peace of mind that their little one is completely comfortable across all different positions. And, if you’re looking for a travel system with longevity, the first-of-its-kind harness system allows parents to switch between harness and headrest heights one-handed, so you can continue to adjust your little one’s harness with ease as they grow.

Compact fold

Reef also features the revolutionary new fold you can only find at Silver Cross. Free-standing on its wheels, Reef is the only system that folds with the seat unit on with the telescopic handle not touching the floor. Just as easy to unfold, the side catch can be released, springing back up in just one simple movement!

Newborn and travel system

Available with a range of accessories, Reef like the Dune is compatible with all new carrycot and first-bed folding carrycot which offers naptime solution for newborns and folds down on to its base for minimal storage. Available with a range of accessories, Reef is also compatible with our award-winning Dream and Simplicity Plus infant carriers, creating the perfect 4-in-1 travel system.

Silver Cross for the next generation

Be the first to try!

Impressed yet? We certainly are! But we’re not stopping there. If you want to be one of the very first to try out the Dune and Reef models, on Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March, Silver Cross will be hosting an exclusive event from our Surrey store!

Together with NBS nursery specialists they’ll be showcasing the all-new Dune and Reef with expert talks, demos, a competition and seriously good goody bags. We promise, it’s not one to miss!