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How to prepare for Mother’s Day-light savings!

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The first days of spring are here to bring an end to a long winter, and while many of us look forward to the warmer days in the sunshine, for mamas this year, the feeling is a little bittersweet.  2022’s daylight savings fall on Sunday 27th March, more importantly known as Mothering Sunday. Meaning for all the parents out there who have mastered their little one’s sleep routine, or those who are ever so nearly there, the clocks going forward can also interfere with all that progress!

Well, we’ve done the research so you can start preparing for the bedtime routine, and in time for Sunday. So your Mother’s Day runs smoothly and is free from any tired tantrums, here’s all you need to do in the run up to the weekend…

Mother's day 2022

Start Small

It can be tempting to adapt the day’s routine to accommodate the time change, such as mealtimes, nap times and getting ready for bed to start an hour earlier, but this can sometimes result in some confusion with your little one feeling out of sync. Instead make small changes, with 15-minute increases leading up to Sunday. Sure enough, it will feel like nothing’s changed on the day! 

For an extra hand and to give your little one some independence with their bedtime, the Purflo Snoozee Sleep Trainer Clock features a simple display to help them understand when it’s time to wake up and go to sleep.


Fresh air 

Being outside and enjoying the world around us has so many benefits, including tiring out energetic toddlers and children! Physical activity is not only great for their health but offers a chance to expel excess energy and in time for bed. If your little one is still too small to be up and running, even taking them on a walk in the fresh air even in the baby carrier or stroller will keep little minds busy as they watch the world go by!

Keep up routine

Whether it’s bath time or reading a story that indicates it’s time for bed, each family has their own routine. So, whatever helps to soothe your little one or slowly close their tired eyes, make sure to keep up your usual wind-down routine to ensure the day doesn’t feel different.

If you’re looking for some handy accessories to help with winding down, we love the Liewood Hooded Bath towel which is perfect for post-bath cuddles and super soft snuggles to help them drift off!

Sleep friendly environment

The sun shining through the blinds on a clear day may seem like a pleasantry, but for your nursery it’s more likely to keep little ones awake. A dark, cool and clutter-free room will be the best sleeping environment to promote snoozing. Black out blinds are always a good option if your shutters still illuminate parts of the room alternatively, you can create a self-made ambience to sleep in, using the babymoov Dreamy Projection Sleep Trainer which fills your nursery with a soft blue light that lets them know it's time to sleep. After the programmed sleep duration is up, it will project a contrasting warm yellow glow, like the sun - gently encouraging them to wake up. 

Limit Screen time

It’s a known fact that too much blue light can cause our eyes to strain and make it harder to fall asleep. So, try to limit your little one's screen time as the evening goes on. Instead, our range of audio players are perfect for screen-free entertainment. Plus, for bedtime specific stories, we love the Ladybird Lullabies for your Yoto Player or Tonies Bedtime Songs for your Toniebox. 

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