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How to Choose a Sun Hat for Kids

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Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to start shopping around for those warmer-weather wardrobe essentials, starting with the perfect sun hat for your little one. While we hope for lots of sunny days by the seaside, partying in the garden, or maybe even picnicking in the park, your little one’s sensitive skin will need protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

We know that keeping hats on little one's head is is a whole different story which is why we love our sun hat collection by Liewood, with each style perfect to suit every stage, style and little personality.

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When should your little one start wearing a sun hat?

Right away! Your baby’s skin is the most sensitive and delicate when they are a newborn because their bodies haven’t yet developed a lot of melanin. Subsequently, long exposure to sunlight can set them up for dehydration and if your little one gets a single severe sunburn, their risk of someday developing melanoma can double.

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What kind of hat is best for sun protection?

To help prevent sun damage, many modern sun hats are designed to strap under your little one’s chin, fastening with a strap or a drawstring to offer continual UV protection.

Even though sun hats offer great protection, make sure to always pair a sun hat with a high factor sun cream and sunshade, especially for babies less than 6 months old as they should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Is wearing a hat better than sun cream?

While wearing a sun hat offers good protection for their head, face and ears, slathering in cream is still super important, especially if other areas of the body are exposed. Though sun hats provide shade, it should be noted that your little ones can still burn by reflected UV rays.
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Liewood sun hat collection

Liewood’s sun hats are designed to stay in place and keep them cool and shaded on even the hottest of days.To protect your little one’s head, face and neck, others offer tie strings to secure, so you can rest assured your little one’s can play outdoors carefree and safely protected. To find out what sun hat should be in your basket this summer, discover some of our favourites from the Liewood collection...

Baby hats, 0-12m

When on the hunt for a newborn sun hat, consider that your newborn and baby may not be a fan of wearing it so, tie strings and straps help to keep even the fussiest of little ones well protected. We love the Liewood Gorm Linen Sun Hat With Ears, with soft organic cotton for a great fit and breathability, that help keep little heads cool and comfortable.

With a soft structured visor, this little bonnet-hat protects delicate skin on face from the sun. Depending on how old your baby is, they may not have started sitting upright just yet therefore, this style of sun hat is ideal for laying or resting babies when in the sun as the back allows for cool airflow and comfortable positioning.

Mini Sun Hats, 1-3yrs

As your baby grows so too does their sense of adventure and before you know it, their little legs are carrying them far and wide. To protect your little one’s head, face neck when on the move and potentially during exposure to the sun's rays, sun hats with neck shades offer complete protection. 

Liewood’s mini sun hats, designed for older babies and toddlers aim to combine style and protection all in one mini package. We love the variety of adorable prints and muted colours in this age range that compliment every little trendsetter’s summer wardrobe. We especially love the Liewood Senia Sun Hat - Seashell - Peach - for its playful yet refined aesthetic.

Made from recycled polyester and the same stretchy fabric as Liewood swimwear, it’s perfect for getting wet at the beach or by the pool. What makes this sun hat even better is, for every meter of swimwear fabric, 35 PET plastic bottles have been reused and spun into yarn. 

UV protection, all years

UV protection

Ultimately, all sun hats are designed for UV protection but there are some that are specifically handy to pop on and off when they’re playing in the sun, or to keep in your bag in case a cloudy day turns sunny.  

With stretchy and fast drying recycled polyester, we love the Liewood Matty Sun Hat - Jungle/Dusty Mint Mix. Bucket-style shaped, this is super easy for little ones to wear and is stylish for all ages, with lots of children and adults sporting them this season.

Try before you buy?

Why not visit our Surrey store to try on a few options and help decide which one you and your little one like best? Our lovely team of nursery specialists will be on hand to help guide you through our sun hat collection, and any other summer wardrobe essentials that may be on your list!